State Decisions Worth Watching For Election Day

It’s election day, and though not all state decisions are very interesting, there are a few that have been raising some eyebrows.

Not all races can be as fascinating as outspoken mogul Donald Trump against underdog Ben Carson, or the race between the first woman to get close to being presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, and one of the oldest men to run for office at 73, Bernie Sanders. But since we have until February until voting opens for the presidential primaries, let’s take a look at some of the smaller races and decisions being voted on today.

Kentucky: Will GOP favorite Matt Bevin beat the Democrats?

The Republican party has had its eye on the Governor’s seat for quite a while, ever since Gov. Steve Bashear, a Democrat, took office. They haven’t seen a strong Republican candidate for quite a while, but now, outlier Matt Bevin is gaining a lot of popularity. Similar to Trump’s story, Bevin is a millionaire businessman who hasn’t done much in politics before. He’s running neck and neck with Democratic favorite, Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, and followers can’t wait to see the results of this election.

Matt Bevin has done surprisingly well in the polls. Today we find out if this political outlier can beat Democratic shoe-in James Comer. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Ohio: Will landowners receive the right to commercialize marijuana?

Ohio could be not only the fifth state to legalize marijuana, but it could also be the first to turn it into a commercial product. If a number of investors, including pop start Nick Lachey, have their way, they’ll be able to grow, cultivate, and sell it on a major scales. According to the polls, approval is split here, so if the motion is passed, it could end up in court.

Virginia: Will political power swing?

All 140 of Virginia’s legislative seats are up for reelection on election day 2015, and the outcome could change the balance of power. Right now, the Republicans have the power, but they’re struggling to hold onto seats after the demographics within their state have changed so much over the last couple of years. The Democrats will have to hold onto all of their seats, plus a few extra to gain power. It could go either way.

Washington State: Will politicians be more financially honest in the future?

The way politicians finance their campaigns is currently under review as Seattle voters will possibly decide on some new backing parameters. It’s been nicknamed the “Honest Elections” in order to reduce the number of bribes and financial power used in politics. With this initiative, voters would be given “democracy vouchers” so they can support their candidates of choice. This is meant to reduce the amount of power given to political investors rather than to the politicians themselves.

Washington D.C.: Will endangered animals be safer after today?

The world has never been quite the same after Cecil the lion was killed by a Minnesota dentist. Since that time, voters have been advocating for harsher laws regarding endangered animals. If this motion is passed, any United States citizen who sells, purchases, trades, or distributes animals on the endangered species list will be criminalized. Paul Allen, billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft is backing the campaign, and it’s received plenty of support from citizens.

Texas: Will LGBT rights still exist?

Texas was one of the states that was very unhappy when the supreme court allowed gay marriage across the nation. Now, Texas is looking to do something about it. Houston is currently the only major city that doesn’t have a law to prohibit discrimination on the job, in housing, or for sexual orientation. It’s nicknamed the “bathroom bill” because it will allow transgenders to use the bathroom of their new sex.

LGBT rights are put into question once again as voters consider the "bathroom bill" that will allow transgenders to use their bathroom of choice. (Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

These are just a few of the most exciting occurrences this political year. Don’t forget to hit the voting booths on election day before it’s too late!

[Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images]