Jacqueline Eide: Woman Bitten By Tiger Speaks Out On Facebook, Says News Reports Were ‘Exaggerated’

A day after the Inquisitr reported about Jacqueline Eide, the Omaha woman who earned worldwide notoriety after allegedly breaking into a zoo and getting herself injured while trying to pet a tiger, we have some more news about her.

According to fresh reports, Jacqueline, who was released from a hospital after treatment, made a public statement on Facebook that told her side of the story. According to an WOWT NBC OMAHA News report, Jacqueline posted a statement on her Facebook, which claimed that all media reports about her were exaggerated and that she has been “bullied, harassed with texts, emails and voicemails” ever since her story went viral. The Facebook post and her page has since then been either deactivated or taken down and is not currently accessible.

In the statement, Jacqueline claimed that she had lost several of her clients due to the media reports that described as being a drunk woman. Here is an excerpt from the post she made on Facebook.

“I have lost clients due to the backlash of negative media coverage and horrible comments people have been saying, along with my criminal record being exposed. I couldn’t get a peaceful hospital rest due to numerous phone calls/visits from CNN, the local media, calls from family I haven’t talked to in years.”

She has also thanked several of her friends and relatives who she says have reached out to her since the incident. Jacqueline further writes.

“Anyone who knows me well knows I’d never provoke any kind of animal, I cannot say much but I can let everyone know I will be just fine and the media is making my injuries out to be much worse than they really are. I was not on drugs, I was in severe shock and very scared at the thought of losing parts of my hand. Surgery went well and I’ll be undergoing additional surgery in the future. Thank you very much for your kindness, I love you all. ♡”

Jacqueline Eide Facebook Photo
Apart from Eide herself, one of her close friends has also spoken up. In an interview with WOWT News, the friend, who chose to remain anonymous, claimed that Eide “handled the incident really well” and described Jacqueline as an animal lover. However, she was clueless as to why Eide had chosen to break into the zoo and attempt to pet the tiger there.

“The first thing I thought was, honestly, why did she do that? Because even though she loves animals…it’s not like her to do something like that. But then again, at the same time, it’s like, ‘Oh, she pet a tiger. That’s Jacqui.'”

Meanwhile, police officials revealed that Eide continued her eccentric behavior with the staff from CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center, where she was admitted for treatment. They also added that she appeared intoxicated and drunk at the time she sought treatment. Eide has been cited by the Omaha police for criminal trespassing. An officer also revealed that she has had a long tryst with the law and that she has a three-page criminal record that include multiple charges for drunk driving, disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace.

Meanwhile, there were concerns about the future of Mai, the tiger that bit Jacqueline Eide. There were concerns that the three-legged tiger who lost his one of its legs as a cub could be put down by authorities for displaying aggressive behavior. However, no such official claims have come from the zoo authorities. Also, with the tiger being one of the top attractions at the Henry Doorly Zoo’s Cat Complex, it is highly unlikely that the animal would be put down.

[Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]