Donald Trump Says 'Drop Out,' Jeb Bush: Believes 'Low-Energy' Candidate Should Give Up Bid For GOP Nomination

There is still a crowd running for the Republican presidential nomination with polls shifting a bit over the course of the past few weeks. Could Donald Trump's "drop out" message going out to some of the others in the running prompt any moves by the other candidates? It doesn't seem likely, though the Celebrity Apprentice star seems confident he has the right take on how things are progressing.

Though both Rick Perry and Scott Walker have ended their campaigns, it is still a crowded field on the GOP side as more than a dozen candidates continue to push for that Republican nomination. Now, however, Donald Trump's "drop out" recommendation for Jeb Bush, in particular, shows that the former Celebrity Apprentice head isn't feeling worried about the shifting polls and believes he's still the guy most likely to score that nomination.

Trump has led in numerous polls since announcing his candidacy, though fellow candidate Ben Carson has started to earn that top spot in a few cases. Despite that, Trump chatted with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America on Tuesday and indicated that he still feels he is the guy for the job.

Donald said that Jeb Busy should "absolutely" drop out at this point, believing that Bush doesn't stand a chance of earning the GOP nomination. Trump went on to say that he believes he himself will indeed be the Republican nominee and he touted several polls and states where he is still in the lead.

Not only does Trump say he doesn't believe that Carson has the experience to lead the country, he went on to say that Putin would eat Rubio alive. He says Rubio is overrated and weak and said that Bush is a nice guy, but a stiff.

Jeb took a jab at Trump this week during a speech and Donald's response is pointed. Donald refers to Jeb as a low-energy person, though he says he doesn't know who originally deemed Bush to be that way, and he insists that Jeb is wasting his time and money with this campaign.

Who doesn't Trump criticize in this chat? He says there are some candidates in the group that he thinks do have talent, but he doesn't go so far as to name any names. Despite having positive yet vague things to say about some of his fellow contenders, it would seem that Busy isn't the only one Trump thinks should drop out.

As CNN details, Trump recently pointed at the contenders polling below two percent and said "they should get out" as well. Aside from Bush, Trump didn't name any names in this push for candidates to drop out, but he did say he wants to see the field narrowed down so he can have more time to talk about how to solve the problems facing the country.

While Donald Trump's "drop out" nudge seems most pointed toward Jeb Bush in this latest chat, others who likely fall under the umbrella he describes include Jim Gilmore, George Pataki, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal and Lindsey Graham.

There are those watching the GOP slate of candidates who do wonder just when additional candidates will drop out of the race. So far, however, nobody seems to be making any moves. There has been talk of Bush revamping his strategies and making a fresh push to gain traction, but little else has been detailed from other candidates in terms of strategy shifts.

It will clearly take some more time before the GOP identifies its true candidate for the 2016 presidential election. More debates are on the way though there has been a lot of talk of possible changes after the most recent, and highly-criticized, CNBC debate. Will Jeb Bush soon follow Donald Trump's "drop out" advice or will he stick around throughout the next few debates to see if he can rise in the polls?

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]