Chloe Lukasiak Of ‘Dance Moms’ Lands Movie Role: What’s The Scoop?

Chloe Lukasiak is headed back to television, but it won’t be via her former show, Dance Moms. The teen has just landed a movie role, and fans cannot wait to see this come together. What is known so far about this new gig of hers?

As Deadline shares, Chloe Lukasiak will be involved in the new movie, Center Stage: Dance Camp. The film is the third movie of the Center Stage series, and it seems this one will air exclusively on Lifetime, the same network that airs Dance Moms.

The original movie from 2000 starred Amanda Schull as Joey, and Sascha Radetsky as Joey’s love interest, Charlie. Peter Gallagher, known for roles in shows like Covert Affairs, The O.C., and Californication, starred as Jonathan. Gallagher also appeared in the 2008 Center Stage follow-up.

Reports indicate that several of the original film’s stars are returning for Center Stage: Dance Camp. Gallagher and Radetsky return, as do Ethan Stiefel, who played Cooper from the original movie, and Nicole Munoz and Kenny Wormald from the second film titled Center Stage: Turn It Up. Many know that Wormald also starred in the 2011 remake of Footloose. Kenny played the character of Ren opposite Julianne Hough’s Ariel.

So, just what is Lukasiak’s role in the third Center Stage installment? She will play a dancer named Gwen, who is a prodigy participating in the camp. The story in this third movie will swirl around Gallagher’s Jonathan Reeves being tasked with shifting the American Ballet Academy to incorporate more modernism and contemporary work.

Reeves will bring in choreographers Charlie, Cooper, and Wormald’s Tommy to help. They’ll put together a camp to give dancers an opportunity to earn a spot at the Academy. Munoz, who plays Bella Parker, will be angling to make the most of this camp opportunity to show she can shine on her own, outside of the shadow of big sister Katie from the first movie.

At this point, no premiere date for Center Stage: Dance Camp has been detailed. It seems that production has already started in Vancouver, Canada, so the film should hit Lifetime not too far down the road.

Though Chloe and her mom Christi had a difficult departure from Dance Moms after Season 4, they’ve kept busy working on projects on their own. Chloe has done quite a bit of modeling and schedule numerous appearances, and she has shared quite a bit via social media about her romance with Ricky Garcia of the show Best Friends Whenever and the band Forever in Your Mind.

Though life has been pretty good for Lukasiak since leaving Dance Moms, she has had some challenges, as well. Chloe recently opened up about a serious medical issue with her eye. This had been a topic that had been key in her departure from the show, and she recently had surgery to try to correct the issue. From the looks of things, Lukasiak has been doing well since then.

As for Lifetime’s Dance Moms, Season 6 is filming now. Fans will likely see new episodes begin in January, and all of the gals from Season 5 will be returning. However, star Abby Lee Miller has found herself in some serious legal trouble. She is facing fraud charges amid allegations that she hid her show income during a bankruptcy filing several years ago. Fans will be curious to see if that case affects her time on the show.

What comes next for Chloe Lukasiak after Center Stage: Dance Camp? The former Dance Moms star seems to have plenty in the works these days, and fans are thrilled that things are going to so well for her.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]