Caroline Stanbury Comments On Julie Montagu Being Annabelle Neilson’s Puppet, Julie Says She Has Found Some Strength

Things came to a head between Caroline Stanbury and Annabelle Neilson on Monday night’s episode of Ladies of London, and Julie Montagu was caught in the crossfire. In her latest blog post, Caroline wrote that Julie was Annabelle’s puppet. Yet according to Julie, she has now found her strength and won’t let the other women run all over her.

As the episode aired, Julie shared her thoughts via Twitter. Julie agreed with one viewer who said that she’s not a puppet but simply wants to stay out of the drama.

In response to one fan who told her not let the other women run all over her, Julie promised that she doesn’t let that happen, and she has found some strength. Perhaps viewers will see a much more assertive Julie on next week’s season finale?

On the latest episode, the women continued their trip in Denmark. On the bus ride from the hotel to Caroline Fleming’s family castle, the women start talking about Annabelle, with Annabelle sitting right behind them. Caroline S. asks Julie what’s the worst thing that can happen to her if she stands up to Annabelle. Later, over a group dinner in the castle, Annabelle and Caroline S., sitting right next to each other, throw jabs at one another over what was said during the bus ride. Annabelle recaps what she heard Caroline S. say.

“No you said that she [Julie] was my b**ch and then you told me that I was now up her a**.”

Caroline S. said that she told Julie that it seems that she has grown some balls, and she now realizes that Julie can be her own person. As Caroline S. continues talking, Annabelle puts her hands over her ears and then raises her hand up towards Caroline’s face.

“Before you were Caprice’s puppet and then you became her [Annabelle] puppet and now you’re just your own…She’s having some kind of evolution. It’s a different person…It’s like she’s growing her own testicles.”

Annabelle comments that Caroline S. is like a cow when she opens her mouth, and it’s just dribble coming out of her mouth.

In an interview, Caroline Stanbury said that she wants to see Julie Montagu no longer be Annabelle Neilson’s puppet and have her own opinion. Caroline S. added that while she wants Julie to be her own person, she has no interest in driving a wedge between Julie and Annabelle.

Annabelle, in her interview, said that Caroline S. sounded like a petulant child, and she was unattractive and stupid.

The person in the middle of the Caroline Stanbury and Annabelle Neilson tug of war, Julie Montagu, remained mostly silent during the confrontation. In her blog, Caroline S. says she thinks it’s easier for Julie to give in to Annabelle than to stand up to her.

“I think Annabelle is a dominant character and it it is easier for Julie to do as she wants than to stand up to her or say, actually I don’t want to.”

Yet according to Julie, she just wants to stay out of the negative drama. In her blog, Julie said that she doesn’t want to discuss the drama or her friendship with Annabelle because she just wants to focus on positive things instead. Julie did say, however, that Caroline S. knows that she struggles with her self-esteem, so it was nice to hear Caroline S. tell her that she respects her as a businesswoman and that she has found her balls.

“Maybe she’s right… JULIE’S finally got some UNBELIEVABLE BALLS!

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, things got really heated between Caroline Stanbury, Julie Montagu and Annabelle Neilson over the weekend after Annabelle slammed Caroline S. for calling her a bully. Julie was brought into the Twitter argument and sided with Caroline S. Julie then revealed, by mistake according to her, that Annabelle sent her a text message threatening to annihilate her. So far, Annabelle has yet to post her Ladies of London blog but when she does, perhaps it’ll address the recent off-camera drama?

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