Solange Knowles Defends Son After Instagram User Calls Him ‘Ugly’

Many people wouldn’t want to mess with Solange Knowles, especially after seeing last year’s elevator fiasco. However, one Instagram troll decided to take on Beyonce’s younger sister by referring to her son as “ugly.”

Knowles took to Instagram on Saturday to share a photo of her 11-year-old son Julez, making a joke that he thinks he is too cool to dress up in a costume for Halloween.

“Young cool J too cool for ghost and goblins,” she captioned the photo, which has since gotten nearly 40,000 likes, of Julez leaning against a brick wall, wearing a red track suit, black hat, white sneakers, and headphones around his neck.

Most of Solange’s fans had nothing but nice things to say about the photo, with many of them saying Julez looks like a model and doting over how cute he is. However, there was one user that decided to cross the line and slam a defenseless child’s looks behind the imaginary walls of social media.

After seeing the comment that read, “So cute but at the same time he ugly,” it didn’t take long for Solange Knowles to come to her son’s defense. In a lengthy, but classy post, she called out the hater and how she used her words to criticize an innocent child.

“Just as I thought it was safe to share pictures again, a young’n like you decides to use her time to spread ugliness.”

“I don’t fault you, I can only imagine why you would feel the need to say such things, but thank again for being a reminder that out of all the love and wonderful energy shared, that when I open up a space for an innocent beautiful being like my boy to be criticised and judged, that I WILL most likely respond, and that he receives enough love and celebration at home that it’s just not worth it to go down this road.”

“I hope that this really resonates with you and you make better decisions in the future towards how you use your words towards innocent children. And @ro.rxd get ya friend because this could have truly gone south if I was in the wrong mood.”

Solange wasn’t the only one coming to Julez’s defense. Many of her fans who saw the troll’s post also called out the user for her “bitter” and “ugly” comments.

“ugly? please… the kid looks like a model. What’s real ugly is the bitterness and envy behind the people whose judging on this gorgeous and innocent human being,” one Instagram user wrote.

“People just don’t care what they say on social media. He’s very handsome kid!!! @saintrecords if I were you,, I would ignore all these comments!!!!” another user said.

Thankfully, the drama starter’s comments haven’t kept Solange from posting pictures and videos of her beautiful family. On Monday, the singer and actress posted a series of videos that showed Julez and his friends dancing. She captioned the photo in part by saying, “I never want to leave home.”

Julez is Solange’s son from her first marriage to Daniel Smith. While the couple officially divorced in October 2007, they continue to remain civil with one another so they can co-parent their son. Solange re-married last year; tying the knot to director Alan Ferguson in November 2014, Closer Online reports.

What would you have done if someone commented on a post of your child calling them “ugly?” Leave your comments below.

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]