Pizza Vending Machines Are Coming To America [VIDEO]

Fast food lovers rejoice as a Netherlands based company will be attempting to stake a claim on a portion of the pizza business in America with their pizza vending machines that create a fresh, custom ordered pizza in just 2 1/2 minutes.

Originally created by Italian inventor Claudio Torghel, the machine called “Let’s Pizza” will have the ability for customers to create their own speciality pizza and have it ready in an instant.

“The machine contains a specially developed bag of flour and a bag of mineral water. Every time you order a pizza, the machine will start making the dough, then shape it into a crust, and top it with organic tomato sauce. Next, one of the toppings is placed on top and the pizza is ready for the oven,” says Ronald Rammers, A1 Concepts CEO and distributor for the machines.

When asked how the pizza is able to cook so fast, Rammers states that an “infra-red oven” allows the item to fully cook, ensuring quality every time.

With plans to build an Atlanta-based headquarters in the latter half of the year, A1 Concepts have faith that their product will speak for itself when compared to other options available to consumers.

“We don’t have the intention to become the competition of the existing players. But once people discover the quality of the pizza and the convenience and, indeed, the speed factor, we expect to have competition in our favor,” says Rammers.

“Let’s Pizza is a huge success in Europe and especially in Italy. That was proof for us that we have a very good pizza.”

The pizza’s will retail for about $5.95 at most vending machines and will offer enough ingredients to make 200 pizzas before having to restock the items.

Do you think that you will be buying a pizza from a vending machine if there is one near you?