MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Spoilers And Speculation: Who Reportedly Wins Season 27 Of ‘Bloodlines’?

MTV’s The Challenge is back soon for Season 27, and this one may well be an epic season unlike any other. There is a big twist in play for this one, and Challenge spoilers indicate there is plenty of drama ahead. What is known so far about this new one, and who is said to do well?

Us Weekly shares the first trailer for the Challenge Season 27 run, and this one is focused on bloodlines. There will be plenty of people back from previous seasons of Real World, The Challenge, and other MTV shows like Spring Break Challenge and Are You the One?, but there is a twist bringing in newbies, as well. These aren’t just any random contestants, though. The newbies will all be related to franchise cast members and they’ll be teaming up together.

The Challenge spoiler sneak peek gives some great insight into who viewers will see competing this season. For those who thought they caught a glimpse of CT Tamburello in the clip, it seems that is true. Unfortunately, he’s not back as a full-fledged contestant this season. It seems that he makes an appearance of some sort with Diem Brown’s sister. However, the Vevmo site shares plenty of additional details. What have they uncovered about Season 27?

According to Vevmo, Challenge spoilers indicate that Season 27 will have Aneesa Ferreira playing with her cousin, Rianna Polin, Camila Nakagawa playing with her sister, Larissa Nakagawa, and Cara Maria Sorbello playing with cousin Jamie Banks. Jenna Compano and her cousin, Brianna Julig, are competing together, as are Leroy Garret and his cousin, Candice Fowler.

Are You the One? Season 2 star Christina Leblanc has her sister, Emily Reese, joining her this season, and Cohutta Grindstaff brings along cousin Jill Tuttle. Fellow Sydney Real World contestant Kellyanne Judd is on Season 27 of The Challenge, and she has her cousin, Anthony Cuomo, as a partner. Las Vegas Real World star Nany Gonzalez is competing alongside cousin Nicole Ramos, and Cory Wharton is on Season 27 with his cousin, Mitch Reid.

Additional Challenge spoilers tease that Are You the One? star Dario Medrano will be in the mix with his cousin, Raphy Medrano, while Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio is back for another season, and he has cousin Vincent “Vinny” Gliatta along for the ride. Tony Raines and his brother, Shane Raines, are on Season 27, as are Thomas Buell and his twin brother, Stephen Buell.

Though fans will have to stay tuned to see how it plays out in Season 27, Challenge spoilers add that Abram Boise and his brother, Michael Boise, will be coming in as a replacement team at some point. The buzz from PinkRose at Vevmo is that Tony ends up disqualified after a challenge injury, and that is likely how Abram and his brother are brought into the competition.

So far, it seems that at least in the early rounds, the bloodlines teams are eliminated as pairs. The buzz is that there will be battles for elimination that involve a one-on-one competition, but when one member of a bloodlines pair is eliminated, the other has to head home, as well. Filming of the initial competitions is said to take place in Bodrum, Turkey, with the final challenge being filmed in Berlin, Germany.

If the Vevmo Challenge spoilers for the final competition are correct, Season 27 viewers will see Jenna Compano and Brianna Julig, Cory Wharton and Mitch Reid, along with Cara Maria Sorbello and Jamie Banks, battling for the big money at the end. That means that there are definitely some interesting eliminations along the way.

Just who goes home with the big money prize after that final challenge? The Challenge Season 27 spoilers indicate that Cara Maria and Jamie come in first place, Cory and Mitch are second, with Jenna and Brianna taking third. Will these teasers pan out to be accurate? Fans have a hunch they will, as Vevmo tends to nail these types of spoilers.

Season 27 of The Challenge: Bloodlines premieres on December 2 on MTV, and fans cannot wait to jump into another round of the battle. Just how brutal will this one be with family members shaking up everybody’s plans for the game?

[Photo by Mike Coppola / Getty Images]