Leah Messer, ‘Teen Mom’ Star, Denies Drug Abuse, Blames Narcolepsy & Corey Simms For Custody Loss As Twitter Scoffs

Leah Messer, Teen Mom star, and one of her ex-husbands, Corey Simms, are the parents of twin daughters. Recently, Leah lost primary custody of little Alleah and Ali, who are just 5-years-old. And Messer has been defending herself since that loss, reported the Hollywood Gossip.

Among the issues with which Leah has dealt are depression, anxiety, and, according to some reports, substance abuse in the form of an addiction to pain medication. Messer currently has custody of her youngest daughter, Adalynn, whose father is another ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. Adalynn is 2-years-old.

Leah Messer, "Teen Mom" star, poses with twins.

Now Leah is responding to accusations that she caused the twins to arrive late to school with a new medical problem. Messer claims that she suffers from a sleep disorder called narcolepsy. That condition causes sufferers to sleep at intervals without control.

But Twitter wasn’t sympathetic.

“It’s annoying when u say u have #narcolepsy when you did not get diagnosed w/ it,” challenged one person. “It’s a serious disease. get educated.”

Leah defended herself by admitting that she was being tested but claimed that the physicians had already diagnosed her even though the results of the tests hadn’t come in.

“They are still doing the testing. They are pretty sure that’s what I have,” said Messer.

Now able to see her daughters only on the weekend, Leah has had a rough few months following a 30-day stay in a rehab facility, reported the Daily Mail.

With primary custody given to Corey Simms, Messer has tried to put a positive spin on the situation on Twitter.

“We are having a fun filled weekend together l. ENJOYING each other as a family. At the end of the day that’s what matters most! #memories’ [sic],” posted Leah.

Leah Messer enjoyed Halloween at her twins' school.

Messer claims that the reason Corey wanted primary custody was because of child support. Simms had to pay her $800 monthly. In addition, Leah faults Miranda, who is Corey’s pregnant new wife.

“When Miranda and him first met, that’s when he started the full-custody thing,” said Messer.

But Simms said that he wanted primary custody because the twins repeatedly were late to school or truant. On her side, Leah denied that allegation. Messer cited only one incident when the girls showed up late but confessed that previously she didn’t have a stellar track record in getting the twins to school on time.

An insider backed up Corey.

“There were 10 times the girls were late in August and September and there are records to prove that,” said the source.

Messer also has been accused of substance abuse. However, the star of Teen Mom 2 has not confessed to abusing prescription medication. When Simms claimed that Leah was abusing prescription drugs, she had to undergo a drug test required by the court. Messer did pass that test.

In addition, Leah has confessed that she and Simms had an affair after he had gotten married to Miranda, reported the Ashley Reality Roundup.

The intimate hookup occurred a mere two months after Simms tied the knot with Miranda. Since then, Corey’s wife has established some guidelines, said Messer.

“I’m not allowed to call Corey’s phone to communicate with the girls unless she’s somehow three-wayed in,” said Leah. “He has to be around her when he calls.”

When Simms texts Leah, he has been ordered to include Miranda by his wife.

“Miranda doesn’t want me in the picture,” said Messer. “She wants to hurt me because she thinks that Corey and I still have something for each other.”

[Image via Leah Messer/Twitter]