Rosie O’Donnell Only Wants Chelsea Safe: We Hope ‘That She Finds Her Way Back Home’ [Video]

Rosie O’Donnell isn’t giving up hope that her adoptive daughter, Chelsea, will someday return home. Does the comedian believe it will be anytime soon? Doesn’t seem like it, but until then, Rosie simply hopes that her daughter stays safe.

Rosie O’Donnell has been nothing but open about the struggles that she and the O’Donnell family have been dealing with ever since Chelsea O’Donnell made the decision to leave home back in August. While she seems to have tried to keep the family’s personal information on the down-low, it seems as if Rosie feels the need to clarify certain information as it is brought up to her.

According to Us Weekly, Rosie O’Donnell, along with three of her children and friend Tatum O’Neal, were all spotted out on Monday, November 2. While attending Rosie’s Theater Kids’ Gala, Rosie talked exclusively with Us Weekly about the current situation with Chelsea, and while she may be heartbroken over everything Chelsea has been telling the media, she only seems to want what’s best for her adopted daughter.

When Rosie was asked who had accompanied her to the evening’s events, she said all of her children, including 20-year-old Parker, 15-year-old Blake, and 12-year-old Vivienne, though she did note that Chelsea was not in attendance, and for her, that was sad.

Besides hoping that Chelsea O’Donnell is safe, Rosie still seems to be holding out some hope that she will someday return home to the family that she has always known, though, according to Inside Edition, Chelsea doesn’t share those same feelings.

During her first televised interview, Chelsea stated very clearly that she doesn’t love Rosie, and, now that she’s away, there is some much-needed space between the two.

“I don’t miss Rosie. At all. I miss the rest of my family a lot, but, um, I think there is some much needed space between me and Rosie, and it’s been nice having that.”

While the problems between Rosie O’Donnell and Chelsea became public knowledge in August, when Chelsea first ran away from home, Rosie clarified on Monday that the tension between the two has been around for at least a decade.

“I know it’s new for the press so it seems to be making a big splash, but it’s been a situation that the whole family has had to deal with for over a decade. It hasn’t been easy, but we love her very much, and we hope she’s safe and starts to make some better choices.”

What may have caused the initial rift between the two? During her interview with Inside Edition, Chelsea seems to hint that the problems began after Rosie and Kelli Carpenter divorced.

“It was really upsetting for me. So I kind of just got really depressed and didn’t want to do anything,” said Chelsea when asked about the divorce, which reportedly took place in 2007, when Chelsea was only around 10-years-old.

While Rosie O’Donnell seems adamant about the fact that Chelsea suffers from mental illness, Chelsea has stated that she doesn’t, and the fact that Rosie would have a spokesperson tell the world that she did, upset her deeply, according to Yahoo! News. In fact, Chelsea has openly stated that she cannot forgive Rosie.

“Just some things that have happened in the last few months I can’t get over or forgive her for,” she said. “Kicking me out of the house, putting it out that I’m mentally unstable.”

It seems as if Chelsea O’Donnell has found some form of peace now that she has put some space between herself and Rosie, and even though it breaks her heart, Rosie O’Donnell stands by what she has said many times.

“We hope that she is safe, number one, and that she finds her way back home.”

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