Sacramento Girl Finds Pills In Halloween Candy

There’s a reason why you’re supposed to go through your child’s Halloween candy before allowing them to eat it, and this latest news story illustrates its importance. Fox 40 News reports that an 11-year-old Sacramento girl found something disturbing inside a Tootsie Roll candy she had obtained while trick-or-treating, and what she found is making headlines.

Mya Ogg reportedly noticed that her Tootsie Roll looked like it had been tampered with, so she opened it to take a look. What she found were two unmarked pills pressed into the chocolate taffy candy. She was so shocked by the discovery that she’s expressed a lack of desire to even go trick-or-treating again in the future.

“I was disappointed because the people that are doing it, they don’t know how much harm they could do to the kids.”

This is something that parents have been warning their children about for ages, and it’s precisely why you’re supposed to sift through and check your child’s candy before letting them have it. It’s very fortunate that Ogg inspected her own candy before consuming it because there is really no telling what kind of pills were stuffed into the treats. If the pills had turned out to be dangerous and she consumed them, she could have ended up sick — or far worse.

“I was shocked, I wasn’t that much scared, but I was shocked that somebody would do that to endanger a kid’s life. And not only me, he could’ve handed it out to plenty of other kids.”

This isn’t the only case of tampered Halloween candy to happen this year. The Inquisitr reported this week that a 14-year-old girl bit into a miniature Snickers bar after trick-or-treating, only to find a slim razor blade tucked into the chocolate bar. It’s very fortunate that the young girl wasn’t injured during the incident because it could have gone far worse. Authorities in Ohio also have no reason to believe that this incident is the product of a hoax, which in and of itself is a nightmarish concept.

The same thing also took place this year in Toronto, Canada. Authorities have confirmed that razor blades were found in a Kit-Kat bar. Thumb tacks were also found in some Halloween candy. Now authorities in Toronto are issuing warnings to parents who may not have the foresight to check their children’s Halloween candy.

In Pennsylvania, authorities have confirmed that sewing needles have been found stuffed in the candy of innocent trick-or-treaters. This incident is just one more example of the tampering that can take place with the candy that strangers are handing out to innocent children.

As stated previously, the concept of Halloween candy that has been tampered with has long been a warning during this season. In fact, it’s also been the subject of plenty of urban legends. From razor blades hidden in candied apples to poisoned candies and candy laced with narcotics or psychedelic drugs, trick-or-treating has always come with a bit of fear attached to the joy of getting free candy from strangers. It’s because of this that it’s always an intelligent idea to sort through and inspect your children’s candy, no matter how much you may trust the community in which you live or trick-or-treat. The reality of the matter is that there are some people out there who want to inflict harm on innocent people, including children and pets.

[Image via Twitter / Joe Kahlil]