‘Fetty Wap Vs. Baby Mama’ Viral Video, Instagram, Facebook Fallout: Lezhae Zeona Threatened After Interview, But Fetty Doesn’t Have An Arrest Warrant [Graphic Video]

There’s a new video titled “Fetty Wap Argues with His Baby Mama, Threatens to Get Her Beat up and Shot Up if She Does Interview” going viral. That’s because the “Fetty Wap Vs. Baby Mama” viral video purports to show the popular “Trap Queen” Remy Boy rapper arguing with Lezhae Zeona. In the video, plenty of yelling back and forth and expletives are traded, with a man standing in the street appearing to sport Wap’s telltale blonde locks as he stands next to a car. Other cars honk at Fetty in the street. As seen in screenshots from Lezhae’s now-private Instagram account, Zeona’s relationship with Fetty has been volatile online, with Wap being charged with not doing enough for their daughter.

Meanwhile, Fetty’s Instagram account posted the viral “Why you always lying?” screenshot, and urges voters to vote on Tuesday. Previously, Wap fought against accusations that Fetty’s “679” song claims he’s a devil worshipper.

fetty wap

“F*** me up now! You doing that to say f****** what?

“You a f***** bum! You running from n****s out here. Go on about your business. Do you! I’ll be there next Thursday. Shoot it up like you just said.

“This my city!”

According to the video, featured is one of Fetty’s babies’ mothers — Lezhae. Wap was reportedly angry with Zeona because of an interview that was done. The video has been viewed more than 200,000 times since it was uploaded on November 1. A big butcher knife can be seen being waved around and wielded close to the camera, presumably held by Lezhae.

Warning: The below ‘Fetty Wap Vs. Baby Mama’ contains language that might be disturbing and offensive to some viewers.

The interview that reportedly started the melee is titled “Gems Radio Dashow interview Lezhae Zeona the mother of Fetty Wap daughter 10/29/15,” as seen below. That video has received more than 10,000 views since it was uploaded on October 30. That video is more than 46 minutes long — and begins with a lot of small talk prior to the special guest speaking.

Zeona says that Fetty questioned their daughter’s paternity, and that Wap was messing around with another “ol’ girl” but came back around to Zeona at different times. Lezhae says she met Fetty on Facebook.

Warning: The below Lezhae Zeona interview contains language that might be disturbing and offensive to some viewers.

“Whatever [Fetty’s] sister felt the need to go on Facebook… but I love my daughter to death.”

Lezhae said she spoke to Wap’s sister about the problems Zeona was having with Fetty. That’s when she said Wap’s sister twisted her words and turned them into a book on Facebook, and tagged Lezhae in the Facebook post. Zeona said Fetty could definitely do more with his daughter — a girl who is definitely his daughter, because Zeona said they’ve verified that fact with a DNA test.

As reported by Mstarz, the Facebook post by Fetty’s sister was a big reason for the blow up that ended up in the viral video with Lezhae.

fetty wap sister

As reported by Global Grind, the video of Fetty appearing to issue threats after the volatile interview has gone viral.

Despite reports that Fetty has a warrant out for his arrest as a result of the argument and threats, Gossip Cop reports that Wap does not have an arrest warrant out for his arrest.

Fetty’s other baby’s mother hit Lezhae up on Instagram, says Zeona, who sent Lezhae a screenshot of other Instagram reports. Zeona says Wap’s other baby’s mother needed someone else to talk to as a result of being pregnant and everything else she was dealing with. Lots of talk of sliding into folks’ DMs on Instagram are rife in the video.

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