‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Tamra Judge Desperate To Keep Her Spot On Show, In Fear Of Being Cut

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge is desperate to keep her spot on the show. She’s in fear of being cut by the time next season rolls around.

This RHOC cast member is known for her drama, but her “acting” could be getting old. The Radar Online reports that a source close to the show revealed that Judge reached out to some of her fellow cast members of the show via telephone, and seemed “incredibly fake.”

The insider says that “it makes absolutely no sense to anyone why she is trying to make friends with her enemies now. She seems desperate to save her job by creating some new alliances.”

Ironically, Judge has formed alliances with Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow to get Vicki Gunvalson fired from Real Housewives of Orange County. Now, the shoe appears to be on the other foot because those alliances might be turning against her. The source says that “the rest of the girls are all on to Tamra now. She knows that Vicki is not going anywhere.”

In an Entertainment Tonight report out just a few days ago, it was revealed on Heather Dubrow’s PodcastOne show — Heather Dubrow’s World — that all of the housewives are thinking about who should leave RHOC when Season 11 is filmed. This is when Vicki’s name was first brought up.

Heather revealed that Vicki is the one everyone thinks they want booted off the show.

“We’ve just ended an amazing, incredibly successful Season 10, and you know how this works.

“We’re gonna start moving in to talking about who’s coming back for Season 11. Now, there’s stories all over the place saying, ‘Heather, Tamra, Shannon and Meghan are banding together and they’re refusing to film, telling producers they’re not filming, and they’re gonna force Vicki out.’ “

It was a lead-in to teasing whether or not Vicki is the woman that they’re targeting to get ousted from Real Housewives of Orange County. The podcast will air on November 3. Apparently, the ladies will discuss Vicki’s “lack of reality,” which Dubrow considers “very disappointing.”

Vicki Gunvalson is the current cast member RHOC housewives want booted off the show (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images).

Will Tamra Judge be a topic of conversation at all in regards to who might leave the show? Doubtful at this point, but it sounds like Judge is worried the others are sick of her melodramatic antics.

Shannon Beador, however, seems to be solidly behind Judge, as another Inquisitr article reported. Will there be a fallout in this area when it comes to Tamra Judge being cut from the cast eventually? Viewers know how quickly things can change in show business, especially reality TV shows.

Will Shannon Beador continue to stand by Tamra Judge (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)?

On an interesting note, Judge was criticized for sharing a wedding photo that she posted on her Facebook page on Halloween. Apparently, some venom was thrown her way, with some even telling her that she should be booted from RHOC in Season 11. One user posted: “@TamraBarney maybe you should relax and spend more time on your life and enjoy and not be apart of next season.”

Another wrote: “heck after 3 attempts you should have gotten it right. But I’m in the camp that will wait another few years before calling it a success.”

It seems that some weren’t impressed by the RHOC star’s message, which may have seemed innocent enough.

At least she had one defender, as a separate Radar Online report noted. It read: “So many haters LOL AT LEAST SHE IS MARRIED. You punks can’t even find a date.”

Will Tamra Judge still be on Real Housewives of Orange County in Season 11? Pretty soon, the speculations will start flying as to who’ll remain on the show and who won’t. Vicki Gunvalson is the most targeted by her RHOC co-stars. It doesn’t mean that producers are willing to fire cast members just because the others take issue with them.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images]