‘General Hospital’ Releases Preview Of Jason Morgan Reveal, Shocking Surprises Ahead

It is finally happening! General Hospital is giving fans a preview of the explosive week when Jake Doe and everyone in Port Charles will find out that he is really Jason Morgan. It is expected to be a shocking and explosive moment when the truth is revealed at Elizabeth’s wedding to the man she has kept in the dark for months about his true identity.

In order to get viewers excited about what is coming up this week and next, General Hospital has released a sneak peek of the moment when the truth comes out. The short video takes fans into the middle of the chaos that is supposed to be a dream wedding for Elizabeth, but it looks like her dream will be dashed before it happens.

Fans have been waiting quite a long time for the Jason Morgan reveal, and the ABC soap has been gearing up for this moment. The video says it all.

“This is the week. The truth is told. Let the fallout begin.”

There will definitely be some immediate fallout for Nikolas Cassadine as soon as Jake knows the truth and who kept it from him. He goes after the prince and starts choking him. Jason Morgan is a hitman and knows just what to do with his mobster skills, and it looks like he is putting them to good use. Of course, Nik won’t be killed, but he better watch his back from now on.

There are more hints in the video about what is ahead on General Hospital. Previous rumors said that there will be a surprise visitor who will crash the wedding. It looks like someone will show up because the guests are all looking towards the back of the church. Who shows up? Will it be Carly?

She is the one who just got the shock of her life when she found out that Jake is Jason through Spinelli’s facial recognition computer program while at the hospital. Once the DNA tests come back that provides confirmation that this is really true, Carly will race to find Jason to reveal who he really is before he marries Elizabeth. But is she really the one who shows up first? She is not a surprise guest because she is supposed to be standing up for Jake at the wedding.

However, the General Hospital sneak peek does reveal that Carly looks like she has been in an accident, as she has some bloody wounds on her when she arrives at the church. That could be the reason everyone looks a bit shocked because she is hurt and may need to get to the hospital to get checked out.

Of course, Hayden is sitting next to Nikolas looking like the cat who just swallowed the canary. She also mumbled something right before the ceremony started. You could hear her say “Here we go” right before the ceremony. What does she have up her sleeve?

Of course, Sam and Patrick are at the wedding. Sam is Jason’s wife, but she is now with Patrick Drake, and another rumor going around is that those two have already gotten married but have kept it secret up to this point. That could really complicate things. There are also speculations put out by Celeb Dirty Laundry that maybe Jason won’t remember his relationship with Sam until later on. This won’t sit well with many Sam and Jason fans, but they are expected to eventually get back together. This will definitely affect Sam’s relationship with Patrick as she is heard saying, “He came back and he’s my husband.” Actor Jason Thompson will be leaving his role of Patrick Drake soon, which will probably coincide with Sam getting back with Jason.

As for Elizabeth, the bride is looking beautiful in her wedding gown, but will it be revealed right away that she knew the truth all this time? This may be revealed later on, but you just never know how it is all going to play out. It looks like Elizabeth will not get her happy ending after all, or will she?

There are so many questions lurking at this point. Is there really a surprise guest? Will Carly be the one to tell Jake who he is, or will it be someone else? What happened to Carly on the way to the wedding? Why is Hayden so giddy?

What are your thoughts on this General Hospital sneak peek? Sound off on your thoughts and what you are hoping will happen when the big Jason Morgan reveal finally happens.

[Photo by Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]