Is Louis Tomlinson Drug Use The Cause Of One Direction ‘Break’?

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is being accused of being the primary reason for the popular boy band heading off for a lengthy break. Tomlinson has rarely been out of the headlines in recent months, and sadly for Louis and his fans, it is often for the wrong reasons. A recap of the headlines that involve Tomlinson over the past year or so does not make happy reading for Louis or for One Direction fans.

Negative headlines around Tomlinson first emerged back in May 2014. At that time, the Daily Mail was one of many sources to report on a leaked video that showed Tomlinson and former bandmate Zayn Malik smoking a joint during a trip to Peru. Tomlinson was widely criticized at the time for tarnishing One Direction’s “squeaky clean” image.

Back in May of this year, it was reported, again by the Daily Mail, that Tomlinson was spotted partying hard with five girls in a London hotel, and it was claimed again that Louis was spotted rolling a joint. At the same time, other sources claimed that Tomlinson might also be using cocaine, but it must be said that no firm evidence ever emerged that this was the case.

Shortly after those stories broke, rumors began to circulate that Tomlinson’s relationship with Eleanor Calder was strained because Louis had gotten Briana Jungwirth pregnant. Tomlinson and Calder split up, and it was later confirmed that Jungwirth was indeed pregnant with Tomlinson’s baby.

Many One Direction fans still refuse to believe that Tomlinson is to become a father. Some insist that Tomlinson is in a long-standing gay relationship with bandmate Harry Styles and that One Direction’s management team dreamed up the pregnancy story to hide Louis and Harry’s sexuality from fans.

Over the summer months, it was reported by the Inquisitr that Tomlinson was being blackmailed by his natural father, Troy Austin. It seems that Tomlinson has not spoken to Austin for over three years. Reports claimed that Austin was threatening to reveal secrets that would blow Tomlinson’s family apart if Louis did not make an effort to repair his relationship with him.

Just last week, further scandal around Tomlinson surfaced after the Mirror reported that Louis had been kicked out of a Newcastle hotel at 4 a.m. after “trashing his room.” It was claimed that Tomlinson and some friends had attended a student night at a Newcastle venue and that Louis had returned to the hotel after getting smashed on £1 drinks.

Probably the most damaging claims about Tomlinson came from Dan Wootton writing in the Sun last week. Wootton was the source of the story that claimed One Direction were to split at the conclusion of the “On The Road Again” tour and after they fulfilled contractual obligations by releasing their fifth album. Wootton claims that Tomlinson and Harry Styles are “barely even on speaking terms.” He also claims that a long-running feud between Harry and Louis is the source of jealousy and infighting behind the scenes.

Wotton claims that “drug use by Zayn Malik and by Louis also caused division within the band” and was the primary reason that Harry Styles insisted on separate modes of transport, even when this meant hiring two private planes. Numerous sources have claimed in recent days that Tomlinson took Malik’s departure from One Direction really hard. Louis and Zayn were close, and it is now claimed that Louis and Liam enjoy the only real friendship within One Direction.

Finally, Wootton claims that Louis has become the “unofficial leader” of One Direction and that Tomlinson regularly fights with their management and record company. He quotes an unnamed source at Sony records who slams Louis as a “little s*** who’s managed to annoy a lot of people.”

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]