Heidi Klum In Costume For Halloween 2015 More Stunning And Grotesque

Supermodel turned television host Heidi Klum loves the holidays, particularly Halloween. She has stunned guests at her annual Halloween party with costumes evoking Planet of the Apes, cats, and most recently, the skinless human body. This year, though, Klum in costume had people wondering whether she was a cartoon come to life as she became Who Framed Roger Rabbit? star Jessica Rabbit.

Heidi Klum In Costume For Halloween 2015 More Stunning And Grotesque

Klum has never been one to shy away from the tough jobs. This year, Klum started preparing at noon for a party that began at 10:30 p.m.; Klum wanted to ensure she was in full costume as Jessica Rabbit and ready to go. While there were several of Hollywood’s elite on hand to witness the result of the incredible transformation, many pundits have both praised Klum in costume as stunning and grotesque — stunning because of the incredible work involved and grotesque in many ways because the human body was simply not designed to be shaped like a cartoon figure, or vice versa.

“The whole face without make-up reminds you that cartoons are oddly-shaped nightmare people that are never meant to be realized on a three dimensional human’s body,” Geek writes.

Any time images are posted about what cartoon people like Homer Simpson, for example, might look like if they were real people, we are reminded of this.

Klum was almost unrecognizable in costume, and she told Entertainment Tonight that getting ready was not without its logistical challenges. She said that there were some questions about exactly where to glue the dress so as not to show too much breast, which was also applied to Klum’s form as a prosthetic.

Klum said that her children would recognize her in photographs since she and her brood had recently watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The flick is celebrating its 27th anniversary this year.

Photos of Klum in full costume have dominated social media over the last few days, so much so that Klum created her own hashtag #heidihalloween to commemorate the experience. Klum has spent the last 16 years celebrating Halloween with an extravagant party, and her costumes have been so extravagant and involved that she has been dubbed “Queen of Halloween”, according to Business Insider.

Klum did not decide to commit to the role of Jessica Rabbit in costume. When she was introduced, she even danced around on stage to the song “Why Don’t You Do Right?” which she recorded shortly after she decided to go as Roger Rabbit’s beleaguered spouse. Klum said she decided to go as Jessica Rabbit for her annual Halloween party eight months ago.

“Jessica Rabbit is definitely an icon and I always try and find someone that people will know and recognize,” Klum said of her decision to go as the cartoon character.

DJ Questlove provided the music for the star-studded event. Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Casper Smart, Kyle MacLachlan and wife Desiree Gruber, and model Gigi Hadid also attended the elaborate event.

Heidi Klum In Costume For Halloween 2015 More Stunning And Grotesque

Credit for Klum appearing in what had to be one of the most elaborate costumes ever goes to Prosthetic Renaissance, founded by special effects artist Mike Marino. The company has done Klum’s makeup for her Halloween costumes in previous years, and samples have included Klum as an ornate butterfly, in addition to the skinless body.

After witnessing Klum in costume as Jessica Rabbit, whom Klum described as the “ultimate male fantasy”, according to Entertainment Tonight, it will be a mystery — at least until October 31, 2016 — to see how Klum will top this year. However, Klum did not become “Queen of Halloween” through good fortune. Without a doubt, the world at large will see Klum in a costume that goes far beyond anyone’s wildest expectations, as she put together this year.

[Feature Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Heidi Klum]