Anna Duggar Appears Happy In Outing, Josh Duggar Begs Her To Stay With Him

Ever since the Josh Duggar scandal broke, Anna Duggar has seemingly been laying low and hasn’t been seen out much. This weekend, however, Anna was actually spotted at an event with cousin Amy Duggar and she was all smiles. It does look like Anna is handling things pretty well, at least on the outside. Us Magazine reported on the big event that Anna and Amy decided to go to together, which is an event they attend every year. On Friday, October 30, they attended the event for the conservative family planning organization, Loving Choices, which is based out of Arkansas.

Amy shared that the family loves babies and this event. Michelle Duggar and Jessa Duggar Seewald were at the fundraiser, as well. Jessa is nine months pregnant with her first child with husband Ben Seewald. Amy even spoke to ET about how well Anna looked.

“I think the picture I posted shows how strong Anna truly is, she’s smiling, and has a lot of love around her.”

Amy shared the above picture the night of the event. Amy made sure to stick up for Anna, telling everyone to avoid leaving negative comments about Anna Duggar. There are over 1,500 comments on the post from fans talking about how gorgeous these two women look and how great Anna looks despite all that she has been through over the past few months. If there were negative comments on the post, then Amy has likely deleted them just like she said she would do.

Amy Duggar King also took her husband, Dillon King, along to the event with her. It sounds like a lot of the family was there and they had a great time. These two may not follow all of the rules of the Duggars, but they are still very close with the family.

Ever since Josh Duggar checked into rehab, Anna Duggar has seemed to stay out of the public eye. She is raising her four children without their dad around and reports recently shared that Josh won’t be getting out of rehab early at all. He will reportedly be spending six months there. It is quite a long time for Anna to have the kids on her own, but it could all be worth it if Josh can get the help that he needs.

Hollywood Life actually shared that Josh Duggar is now begging Anna to stay with him and doesn’t want her to divorce him. An insider explained that Josh is now saying he is doing better and doesn’t want her to give up on him.

“Josh is convinced that he is a changed man. At least that’s what he’s been telling Anna. He says that he can’t live without her and that Jesus has restored him. That he will make it up to her and the kids. He says he’s ready to start his life over with her and the family. He’s terrified of losing her and is hoping that his parents can convince her not to leave him.”

So far, Anna Duggar has not shared if she plans to leave Josh or plans to stay with him. Right now, the two are still married and there have not been any kind of divorce papers or anything filed yet. Anna and Josh have four children together and she has still been very active in the life of his family while he is in rehab getting help.

Do you think that Josh and Anna Duggar will continue to work on their marriage when he gets out of rehab? Do you feel like she should take him back? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss the upcoming Duggar specials about Jessa and Jill, which will air on TLC starting in December.

[Image via Instagram]