WWE News: Paige Is New No. 1 Contender, Faces Charlotte At ‘Survivor Series’ For WWE Divas Championship

As it was announced on the WWE Monday Night Raw pre-show on the WWE Network, the No. 1 contender for the WWE Divas Championship would be determined in a “Fatal Fourway” featuring Paige, Becky Lynch, Brie Bella and Sasha Banks. As confirmed earlier by Diva Dirt, the winner will face WWE Divas Champion Charlotte in three weeks at WWE’s annual Survivor Series event.

Although it wasn’t officially listed as part of WWE.com’s Raw Five-Point Preview, it was made official by a video that later posted to WWE’s Facebook page.

Going into the match, Brie Bella seemed the least likely to get the victory. Her career peaked a year ago when Brie feuded with Stephanie McMahon, but even then she struggled to keep up with twin sister Nikki Bella. On the most recent season of Total Divas, Brie mentioned multiple times that she wanted babies, and would be ready to get pregnant right away if husband Daniel Bryan was ready. There is no reason to believe the WWE would all of a sudden want to put the title on a background player like Brie Bella, especially if she is interested in getting pregnant.

Becky Lynch, one-third of the now-defunct PCB, along with champion Charlotte would be an interesting choice. Putting Charlotte in a match against her on-screen best friend in a face vs. face match at one of the biggest PPVs of the year doesn’t make sense, though. If Charlotte held the title until WrestleMania, it would make sense for her to face her best friend for the belt.

Sasha Banks has been receiving a solid push from WWE lately. But, with Team B.A.D. having little interaction directly with Charlotte, and “The Boss” having recently attacked and berated Natalya, it doesn’t look like WWE Creative is thinking she’s quite ready for a WWE Divas Championship match.

The last two Divas Championship matches have been between Charlotte and Nikki Bella, with Paige taking a backseat. After a definitive turn on PCB members Becky and Charlotte, it would seem as though WWE thinks it’s time for Charlotte vs. Paige at the Survivor Series.

A few segments before the match aired, Brie Bella interrupted Becky’s backstage interview with Renee Young. The “Lass Kicker” and Mrs. Daniel Bryan exchanged insults in which they essentially called each other second-fiddle to Charlotte and Nikki Bella, respectively.

Shortly before their match, Sasha Banks stole Big E’s recent shtick for the following Tweet:

To help ensure a clean victory, no members of Team B.A.D. or Team Bella (or Charlotte or anyone else) were allowed at ringside. Whichever of these four Divas would win the match, she was going to have to do so on her own. As the match started, Paige tried to sit back as the other women battled it out, but as the commentary team repeatedly reminded the viewers, Paige had to watch out for Becky Lynch. As Paige and Lynch played up their drama, Sasha Banks and Brie Bella were the focus of the actual wrestling at the onset. With the former PCB members outside the ring, Brie went to the top rope. Sasha ducked the drop kick, leaving the Bella Twin vulnerable in the middle of the ring. Just before the commercial break, Paige snuck back in the ring to get a two-count on Brie.

We returned from the commercial break to Sasha Banks receiving a series of kicks from Brie Bella, channeling her inner “Yes Movement.” Lynch and Paige took turns as Brie’s victims, but Nikki’s sister couldn’t get a pin. After an intricate superplex that involved all four women, Lynch took control. She almost forced Bella to tap, but Sasha broke the hold. Sasha took control, had Lynch in the Bank Statement, only to be broken up by Paige. The English vixen would go on to hit the Rampaige on Lynch to get the pin, the victory and her spot against Ric Flair’s daughter at Survivor Series.

Post-match, Paige struggled to garner some heel heat as she was interviewed by Byron Scott. The WWE Universe — at least in Denver — did not want to turn on Paige very easily.

Charlotte will defend the WWE Divas Championship against Paige at the 29th annual Survivor Series on Sunday, November 22. The Survivor Series begins at 8:00 p.m. EST and will be available on the WWE Network.

[Image via WWE]