‘World Of Warcraft’ Movie: Poster Release Allays Doubts About Production

World of Warcraft Movie

The World of Warcraft movie, Warcraft, has been in production for a very long time. There are some doubts about whether it would ever actually be released, with outlets like The Hollywood Reporter claiming those involved saw it as a “problem movie.” Despite the categorical denial of this on Twitter by writer and director Duncan Jones, the fact that production wrapped in May 2014 has led some to have concerns about the viability of Warcraft.

The initial release date for the World of Warcraft movie was announced as being December 18 this year but, according to Gamespot, was moved to May 2016 to avoid a clash with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The release date was pushed back even further to June 10 of next year which, as Jones points out, is the same release date that was allocated to blockbuster Jurassic World in 2015. The lack of any official material until now has had some fans seriously worried, with many pointing out the unusual absence of a trailer or even official images for the World of Warcraft movie until now. Many were hopeful of a showcase at the next Blizzcon, and it looks like their hopes might be fulfilled. The release of a trailer has officially been announced for Friday, November 6, which can reasonably be taken as an indication that all is well and the movie will be released on time.

World of Warcraft Movie

The World of Warcraft movie is one of several game adaptations in the works, but it does represent something of a first in the way it has been funded. Chinese state-owned giant China Film Company Ltd has put forth an “eight figure equity” investment in the film. This is reportedly the first time a Chinese company has taken a significant stake in a Hollywood film.

World of warcraft movie

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