Lungs Found On L.A. Sidewalk Are From Animal, Not Human [Ewww]

A pair of lungs that were found on a sidewalk in South Los Angeles have been identified as being from an animal, rather than a human being.

A female citizen called police on Sunday at around 8.30pm to report the organs, which she had spotted lying on the ground on the 13100 block of Avalon Boulevard.

Police called the coroner’s office to the scene, and additional testing has now confirmed the organs belonged to an animal. Which is sort of a relief, but also sort of not, because LUNGS ON SIDEWALK.

Coroners confirmed the news on Tuesday, with Coroner’s Lt. Fred Corral saying an exam had been performed on the organs. While the lungs are definitely not from a human, the tests were unable to ascertain which animal the guts belonged to.

“They’re not of forensic value,” Corral said. “We’re going to dispose of them.”

Pretty grisly stuff, eh? And all this after the face-chewing antics of Rudy Eugene, not to mention the cannibal who scarfed down his roommate’s brain and heart.

Is this yet another sign of the impending zombie apocalypse? Not to bore you with the details, but YES.