‘GTA V’ Gets New Online Missions To Celebrate The Tenth Anniversary Of ‘The Warriors’ Game

GTA Online gets new missions based on The Warriors

The special Halloween features may still be live in Grand Theft Auto V, but that hasn’t stopped Rockstar Games from adding even more new online modes to the game.

In a tribute to the tenth anniversary of the release of the Rocktar Games developed video game translation of the hit cult film, The Warriors, players can now try out a new event playlist within GTA Online that is comprised of nine different new missions that were inspired by the movie. Every one of the newly promoted jobs were created by members of the Grand Theft Auto V community using the title’s built in mission creation tools.

GTA V Online Warriors Anniversary

The developer provided a brief description for each of the new missions while announcing the anniversary celebration on the Rockstar Newsire blog. Gamers can expect to find a variety of different job types represented as they try out the new content inspired by The Warriors inside Grand Theft Auto V.

“Can you count, suckers? This fall season marks 10 years since the release of The Warriors on PlayStation 2 and Xbox. All you boppers who want to pay tribute to the Warriors’ mad dash for Coney, we’ve been digging through Social Club for GTA Online Jobs inspired by the game and collected a gang of Team Deathmatches, Last Team Standings and Captures for all you street people with an ear for the action. If you can dig it, bookmark these jobs on Social Club and try not to get wrecked”

Looking to honor the anniversary of the release of their Warriors game 10 years ago, Rockstar Games also shared a video of a fan film that was inspired by the movie and created entirely with GTA V‘s own video editing tools. The video was created by GTA Series Videos who have been responsible for several of the most popular Rockstar Editor films.

In addition to honoring the currently selected player-made missions for GTA Online, Rockstar Games also asked users to send in any of their own personally built jobs that were inspired by the developer’s back catalog of titles. They are specifically searching for jobs based on Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stores, since it too will be a decade old later this year.

“If you’ve spotted or created any epic GTA Online Jobs with a classic Rockstar game theme, drop the link either here in Newswire comments for others to enjoy or send it to us via Mouthoff so we can check it out too. Stay tuned for a next edition of Throwback Jobs featuring GTA Liberty City Stories themed creations – a game that is also celebrating its 10th anniversary this fall season.”

The Warriors playlist arrived inside Grand Theft Auto Online just as this weekend’s Halloween event ended. As then reported by the Inquisitr, the limited holiday event added three variations of the recently added Slasher Adversary Mode and unlocked new in-game t-shirts for anyone who logged in over the weekend. While the Halloween weekend event has concluded, players can still enjoy much of the seasonal content until they are removed from the game later in November. For now, users can quickly join any of the new Warriors missions simply by entering the playlist queue from the game’s main menu.

GTA V Online Warrior celebration

[Images via Rockstar Games]