Demi Lovato Copied Sleigh Bells On ‘Confident’ Track? Check Out The Evidence

Demi Lovato ripped off Sleigh Bells for 'Confident'

Demi Lovato and Sleigh Bells might exist in two very separate music universes, but a new accusation levied against the former Disney star by the pop-metal band is clashing those two worlds together.

Demi Lovato angers Sleigh Bells with copied beat on 'Confident'

“Stars” may favor a traditional contemporary pop chorus instead of the messy rock vibe from the songs that Sleigh Bells is accusing Demi Lovato of ripping off, but there’s some striking similarities in the rest of the track. Compare, for example, the breakdown after Lovato’s first chorus at 1:08 to Sleigh Bell’s “Infinity Guitars.” Even the vocal in the original track is remarkably similar to sound added over the top in Lovato’s version.

Of course, Sleigh Bells tagged Lovato’s official Twitter in their statement, which brought hoards of Demi Lovato supporters to her defense. While few of them claimed “Stars” bore no appearance to the songs churned out by bandmates Alexis Krauss and Derek Edward Miller, many of them were upset about the way that Sleigh Bells went about bringing it to the public’s attention. Others said they were looking capitalize off of Lovato’s wider audience.

Demi Lovato has an advantage in the dispute by having exponentially more listeners than Sleigh Bells; the pair hold under 45,000 followers on Twitter compared to Lovato’s more than 36 million. Still, that might not be as successful in drowning out the accusations as she might hope. Music-minded fans of Sleigh Bells pointed out specific ways that Demi Lovato’s “Stars” mimics the songs from Treats, not to mention lambasting the artist for a lack of artistic integrity.

Sleigh Bells not 'Confident' Demi Lovato gave them due credit

If Demi Lovato wanted to copy Sleigh Bells, her team would have been wise to use her name to bring the style to a more mainstream audience; but, if that was their intention, it appears they might have been thwarted by failing to give credit where it was due.

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