Tom Jones Trend Unearths Elvis Presley Gay Rumors: Does ‘Delilah’ Singer Know Something You Don’t?

Tom Jones And Elvis Presley Friendship

Tom Jones is a ladies’ man, and if you don’t believe that, he’ll tell you.

The Welsh singer has made no bones over the years about all of his dalliances with the opposite sex. From day one, he has exhibited a highly sexualized image that he has embraced matter-of-factly.

In spite of his longstanding marriage (six decades with the same woman), he has also been faithful to the art of womanizing, admitting to sex with hundreds of women throughout his career.

One of those women, in fact, was allegedly Cassandra Peterson (or Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, as she is more famously known).

Peterson claimed in a 2005 Huffington Post piece that Tom Jones was her “first,” and that he was so well-endowed that she had to seek medical attention afterward.

Elvira also palled around with another famous singer in her early years as a Vegas showgirl — none other than the King himself, Elvis Presley.

Presley always had the reputation of being a heartthrob, but since his death the rumor mill has also speculated about admittedly circumstantial evidence regarding his sexuality.

Past stories like this one from the Daily Mail have touted that Elvis was in a largely sexless marriage with Priscilla Presley, and more than one of his female companions have remarked that Elvis wasn’t all that into sex.

He was in to Tom Jones, however.

Elvis felt compelled to meet Jones before he ever saw what he looked like, thinking that with a voice like his, he “had to be a black man,” author Chris Hutchins writes.

From their initial meeting, a friendship developed that many would say was “not unusual” (sorry). They were both mega stars, self-confident, and had a knack for making women cry during their concerts just from the simple fact that they’d showed up.

Surprisingly, given how huge of a star Elvis remains today, the Mail illustrates a relationship that was largely one of starstruck Presley admiring Tom Jones for being a “man’s man.”

Jones, for example, was one of the only men who could tell Elvis the truth, according to members of the “Memphis Mafia,” the King’s group of hangers-on and yes-men that followed him around throughout the height of his fame.

Hutchins also notes that Elvis would often jump at the chance to join Tom Jones on stage during Jones’ live performances in Vegas. The enthusiasm, however, was not mutual, and on more than one occasion, Tom would often tell his management to “hide the spare” microphone if he knew Elvis would be in town.

Though their ups and downs are noted in the Mail piece, with some input from Priscilla even, they remained good friends, and Tom was said to have a calming presence on the King.

After one spat, the Mail piece notes, Elvis asked if Tom wanted Presley to buy him a car or a gold chain, but Jones refused, saying that simply knowing they were friends again was enough.

It’s also said that Tom Jones most valued a prayer book that Elvis had given him early in their friendship. Inside was a personal message from the King that to this day, no one but Jones himself likely knows the contents of, as members of Jones’ entourage who were lucky enough to see it could not make out the handwriting, the Mail states.

What’s remarkable if you read the Mail piece in its entirety, is how Elvis sort of looks upon Tom Jones like the kind of man he wishes he could be.

Never is there the implication that Tom Jones and Elvis had a fling, but the Presley of the story does exhibit some traits of repression and hero worship that will make you wonder, especially when combined with what has been rumored about his thoughts on sex.

There is also this piece from Outmost, in which Presley and actor Nick Adams would have sleepovers together from time to time (initiated by the King). Adams, Outmost states, had a brief relationship with “bisexual actor and teen icon James Dean.”

While none of this proves Elvis Presley was gay — and even if he was gay, there is enough evidence to suggest he never had a homosexual relationship — it’s fascinating to speculate through the lens of history.

While Tom Jones is in the news for different reasons — he’s currently seeking a DNA test to see if he is black — his name showing up in the press again has given his connection to Elvis and the homoerotic speculation surrounding it another chance to shine.

But what do you think, readers? Do you think Elvis Presley was gay, and would it matter to you one way or the other if you found out he had relationships with Tom Jones or any other man? Sound off in the comments section.

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