Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz Get Engaged During ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 4, But Will They Also Get Married On The Show?

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are seen getting engaged during the fourth season of Vanderpump Rules, and if fans are lucky, they may also see a future wedding between the two reality stars.

In July, Katie Maloney announced via Instagram that she and Schwartz had gotten engaged.

Following the exciting moment, Katie Maloney shared a photo of her and Schwartz’ post-engagement kiss.

Katie Maloney and Schwartz have been dating since long before fans met them on Vanderpump Rules’ first season in 2011, and during Season 3, Katie Maloney expressed her interest in getting engaged. During Scheana Marie and Mike Shay’s wedding, which aired on the show earlier this year (they tied the knot last July), Schwartz presented a ring on a string to Katie Maloney, who was immediately devastated. According to her, the gesture was not only a smack in the face but also completely immature.

As Katie Maloney put on the pressure, Schwartz stayed firm in not wanting to rush into something he couldn’t financially handle. While Schwartz has landed numerous modeling gigs, he didn’t feel stable enough to offer up a ring to Katie Maloney.

During an interview with Cupid’s Pulse earlier this year, prior to Schwartz’ proposal, Katie Maloney said she was confident an engagement was coming and added details about their upcoming wedding plans.

Speaking to the website, Katie Maloney said she wanted her and Schwartz’s wedding to be “completely stress-free. We get married, and then we party!”

When asked point blank if the nuptials would air on Vanderpump Rules, either during Season 4 or a future season, Katie Maloney said she and Schwartz certainly hadn’t ruled out the idea.

“We’ll see,” she said.

In addition to a future Vanderpump Rules wedding, fans may also see a pregnancy.

“I definitely want us to enjoy being married for a bit before we start having kids. And that’s why I want to get the ball moving — I’m young, but I’m not getting younger!” Katie Maloney said of her and Schwartz’s baby plans.

Throughout the third season of Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney and Schwartz were faced with rumors of infidelity on both sides. In addition to Schwartz being accused of kissing another woman, which he later spoke of on the show, Katie Maloney was accused of “motor-boating” another man’s crotch. While the rumors didn’t come as good news to either party, they were able to work through things.

“Instead of letting it destroy me or devastate me, I’d rather use it to empower me. I want to focus on my strength and happiness and really begin to let go of the petty drama. I realize now that life is short.”

On November 2, Broadway World revealed details about the upcoming season, specifically Katie Maloney and Schwartz’s relationship.

“For [Katie Maloney] and Tom Schwartz, a big step forward in their relationship involves a ring without a string, but first they must deal with the lingering issues between them.”

On November 2, Katie Maloney shared an Instagram photo of herself and Schwartz, along with the caption, “#PumpRules tonight!”

While it is currently unknown when the couple’s engagement will air on the show, it will likely be towards the beginning of the season since Katie Maloney got engaged during July and filming didn’t wrap until September.

For more of Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz, and the rest of the reality show cast, tune into Vanderpump Rules Season 4, when the show premieres tonight, November 2, on Bravo at 9 p.m.

[Photo via Instagram]