Andy Cohen On Whether He Thinks Vicki Gunvalson’s Ex, Brooks Ayers, Has Cancer

After watching the entire season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, interviewing both Brooks Ayers and Vicki Gunvalson, and hosting the three-part Season 10 reunion show, no one can deny that Andy Cohen hasn’t had a front row seat to the controversy. So, does Andy believe that Brooks really has cancer? Or does he, like the other housewives, Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, Meghan King Edmonds, and Heather Dubrow, believe that Brooks doesn’t have cancer and that Vicki lied about it along with him? In an Ask Andy video posted on Monday morning, after Part 3 of the reunion show aired on Sunday night, Andy gave his thoughts on the whole Brooks’ cancer storyline.

Andy, as always, remained diplomatic with his answer. Instead of giving a yes or no, Andy said that he doesn’t really know. He did say, however, that Brooks’ claim is “dubious.”

“I don’t f**king now. Vicki said she got duped at the end of part three, or in part three, which I thought was interesting. And I thought it seemed that Vicki had doubts in her mind but then she called her friends who said they have taken her to, they have taken Brooks to chemo. I thought it was a little bit of a smoking gun that Brooks had tried to use his cancer five years ago or more to Vicki to try to get her back. And he said, ‘Look I have cancer. I’m really sick. You need to come to me right now.’ So I thought that was dubious. To me the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming but there is also no evidence that he does have cancer and God knows this is this man’s own private thing.”

Andy added that if he was Brooks, he would show definitive medical proof of his cancer to prove everyone wrong. Yet, he also said that it’s Brooks’ prerogative to not show anything.

During parts one and two of the reunion show, Vicki continued to defend herself and Brooks from the other housewives’ accusations. Yet, in part three, after Andy asked Vicki what her gut was telling her in regards to Brooks having cancer, she admitted that her gut was telling her that he doesn’t have it.

“My gut says he doesn’t have it.”

The other women immediately pounced on Vicki. Tamra Judged asked Vicki when the turning point was for her, when she realized Brooks didn’t have cancer. Vicki said she began having doubts about three months ago.

“I would say probably three months ago that I really questioned him and said to him, ‘This isn’t making sense. Why won’t you give me your reports?’ “

In fact, Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers announced their split about three months ago. Brooks revealed that it was he who decided to end the relationship.


On the reunion show, Vicki said that Brooks told her that she has no right to his medical reports and that he doesn’t want her taking them to the other housewives. Vicki said that she told Brooks that she needs more proof than what he’s giving her, but he wouldn’t provide any.


Andy then revealed that Vicki took a Xanax before filming the reunion show because she knew it was going to be an ordeal for her. Vicki admitted that she took half a pill. Andy remarked that Vicki has been strangely disconnected from everything throughout the entire reunion show, and asked if her behavior was due to what she took earlier.

At that moment, Vicki’s daughter, Briana Culberson, revealed that her mom has completely broken down because of Brooks. Briana said that Vicki has been disconnected from everything for the past two weeks, calling her and telling her that she’s lying on the floor screaming and crying, unable to breathe. Briana said that she thinks her mom is in complete shock right now, after realizing the huge damage that Brooks has done to her life and all of her relationships.

“I really think she’s starting to freak out about what he’s done to her life and all of the relationships that have been messed up because of this guy. And I think you’re in like a huge state of shock. I mean, she calls me saying, ‘I’m laying on the floor, screaming and crying, I can’t catch my breath. How can he treat me like this?’ I mean she’s starting to realize it.”

Vicki, in tears, then admitted that she was duped by Brooks.

“Nobody wants to feel duped or being taken advantage of. I am a smart woman. I fell in love hard. And I did have red flags but not to the point of, you know… I’m sad but I’m relieved knowing I’m not with this man anymore. I’ve got pieces to pick up a little bit. I learned a lot. I got duped.”

During Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion show, Tamra Judge also revealed that during her first year on the show, Vicki left her then-husband Donn Gunvalson for Brooks after he told her that he was dying from pancreatic cancer. Tamra said that Vicki called her and told her that someone very close to her has cancer, that she regrets not carrying on her connection with him, and that she now feels the need to leave Donn and be with the other man. As it turns out, echoing what Briana revealed in an earlier episode over lunch with Tamra, what Brooks had then was pancreatitis, not pancreatic cancer.

Despite what happened on Season 10 and particularly on its reunion show, it seems that Vicki Gunvalson is still willing to be on the show next season. After the reunion show aired, Vicki tweeted her thanks to her fans and said that she’ll see them soon stronger than ever. Will the OG of the OC come roaring back on Season 11?


[Photo by Craig Barritt / Getty Images]