Ed Sheeran, The Singer Who Makes £63,000 Per Gig, Finally Gets Driver’s License

There have been a number of shocking developments that have come to light involving hit singer Ed Sheeran this week. First of all, it was discovered that he makes £63,000 per gig. Secondly, at 24-years-old, he finally got his driver’s license.

The Daily Mirror published a report showing that the “Photograph” singer has been making £63,000 per show while on tour around the world. When his earnings thus far have been all added up, Sheeran has made approximately £6.2 million at the halfway mark of his 17-month “X Tour.” He’s expected to rake in another £6.2 million by the time it wraps up.

This seems like a pretty good haul, but it’s diminished by the amount owed to the crew and spendings of the tour, according to the report. Ed owes £4.4 million in spending, leaving him and his company just £2.2 million in profits, just from his live showings. Add another £3.4 million from his record sales and royalties, with no end in sight to his earnings, and you’ll have one of the highest-paid singers in Britain.

This is an exciting indicator for the amount Sheeran will make after the release of his concert film, Jumpers for Goalposts. The film is comprised of three nights of Sheeran playing live at Wembley Stadium over the summer. There were 270,000 fans in attendance.

The millions of pounds Ed Sheeran has earned off of this tour is plenty for the low-spending celebrity. He told the Daily Mirror that he allows himself “maybe a grand” per month for spending money. He usually wears his own clothing for gigs and fashion shoots, donning tennis shoes, jeans, and button-up shirts. This move is probably what got him the title of “worst-dressed” celebrity in GQ magazine.

The 24-year-old singer also mentioned that he spends most of his $1,000 a month on taxis because, until recently, he hasn’t had his driver’s license. He revealed his exciting news on Twitter Friday, exclaiming, “Passed my driving test yesterday, zoom zoom zoom.”


This comes three months after he passed the written theory portion of the test with flying colors. It took him quite awhile to take the plunge into the actual driving part of the test.

There was also a photo posted on Twitter by Sheeran’s driving school, Total Driving U.K., to show the world what he looked like after he passed the test. He’s just as scruffy and happy-looking as always.


This was a little less than a year after he drove for the first time in January when given an opportunity to drive on a race track on BBC America’s Top Gear.

To celebrate the moment, he told Twitter fans about his experience, saying, “I’m driving for the first time ever today, on a race track, on TV. Wish me luck.”


He also mentioned that he didn’t crash, but that it was an exciting moment where he was able to go “off road.” Watch his experience below.

He now drives a Mini Cooper, according to the Daily Mirror. As a London native, he probably doesn’t get to drive it too often because of the traffic and congestion in the busy city streets, but at least he’s finally found the freedom that driving brings, even if he did find it 10 years later than the average driver.

If anyone deserves to wait until he’s ready for such a big step, however, it’s Ed Sheeran. After groundbreaking music success and becoming one of the highest paid celebrities in the United Kingdom, Ed Sheeran’s driver’s license and £6.2 million per gig earnings are well-deserved trophies.

[Image via Brian Rasic/Getty Images]