Russian Plane Crash Cause Unknown: Many Theories Discredited As Investigation Continues

The investigations into the cause of the Russian plane crash are still ongoing, and while many theories have been brought up, none have yet to be proven true.

A Russian plane traveling from the Red Sea Resort in Egypt back to St. Petersburg crashed early Saturday morning, killing all 224 people on board, and while many have speculated about what may have caused the crash, the actual cause is still unknown at this time.

Russian Plan Crash Memorial Service
Hundreds Of People Pray For The Lives Lost During The Russian Plane Crash (Photo by Alexander Aksakov/Getty Images

According to the Dallas Morning News, the latest claims regarding the 18-year-old Airbus A321-200 having experienced technical difficulties during its flight have reportedly been discredited.

“Communications between the pilot and the tower were very normal – no distress signals occurred,” said Hossam Kamal, the Egyptian transpiration minister. During a news conference Kamal reportedly emphasized that “all was normal; the plane disappeared suddenly off the radar without any prior warning.”

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, a few different causes of the crash were discussed, and as of this report, all have been discredited, including the involvement of ISIS and possible technical difficulties. While ISIS’s claims to having shot down the Russian plane have been discredited, the Inquisitr stated that the cause could have been due to a bomb on board, despite recent reports claiming that the cause of the crash was due to terrorist involvement.

According to the earlier report by the Inquisitr, new evidence reportedly suggests that the Russian plane crash may have been the result of a bomb, one piece of evidence being the fact that the plane reportedly broke apart at such a high altitude. The claim was supported by Professor Michael Clarke, Director General of the Royal United Services Institute, who suggested that an explosion could very well be the reason behind the plane crash.

“The fact that there was a catastrophic failure at 31,000 feet, with the aircraft falling in two pieces, suggests to me an explosion on board. So was this caused by some form of terrible accident, which is unlikely, or a bomb, which is much more likely, my mind is moving in that direction rather than anything that happened on the ground.”

Because the cause of the crash is still unknown, officials will be relying on the information held within the plane’s “black box,” or flight recorder. According to Chicago’s Daily Herald, officials were able to retrieve the “black box” from the wreckage and they plan on “scrutinizing” it in order to find out exactly what may have happened.

Despite the fact that officials are discrediting terrorist activity as a reason behind the Russian plane crash, multiple airlines have announced that they will be avoiding flying over the area in which the Russian plane was shot down after ISIS released a statement which claimed that the alleged bombing of the plan was “to show the Russians and whoever allies with them that they shall have no safety in Muslim lands or airspace.”

According to CTV News, as a result of this threat, two major European airlines have announced that they would stop flying over the area in question, those two airlines reportedly being Germany’s Lufthansa and Air France. While they didn’t specifically cite the terrorist’s threats, they did state that they would stop flying over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula immediately for “safety reasons” until the cause of the Russian plane crash was determined. While their flights in that area have been stopped, both airlines have stated that they will redirect flights in order to reach their designations in that region.

Russian Plane Crash Candlelight Services
Candles Were Lit In Memory Of The 224 Deceased Passengers (Photo by Alexander Aksakov/Getty Images)

Friends, families, and supporters continue to mourn the loss of the 224 passengers on board of the Russian plane, 25 of those passengers being children. Stay with the Inquisitr as more information on the cause of the crash become available.

[Photo by Sima Diab / Getty Images]