‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Brooke Pressures Rick And Maya, Nicole And Zende Face Difficult Questions

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday’s episode indicate that there is more drama ahead regarding Nicole’s plan to carry a baby for Maya and Rick. As viewers have seen, Nicole’s father, Julius, has been adamant that the surrogacy should not move forward. Now the pressure is spreading, and things will be tense.

According to She Knows Soaps, during the November 2 episode, Eric and Brooke will meet with Julius, Vivienne, Rick, and Maya to discuss the situation. Though viewers have already seen plenty of discussion from Julius and Adrienne about their resistance to this plan, now Brooke and Eric share their thoughts as well.

From the sounds of things, both Brooke and Julius will have some fairly blunt thoughts to share on the topic. The idea of using someone else to carry the baby will be strongly argued by the parents, but it seems they’ll be met with resistance. Nicole, Maya, and Rick are getting pressure from all sides, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that for now, the plan will remain in place.

Zende had indicated that he would support Nicole and her decision to move forward on this front, but Julius has most definitely gotten into his head on this. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry detail that during Monday’s show, Zende and Nicole will have another difficult discussion.


Nicole will push Zende to be honest about his feelings and support. Will he admit that he may not be confident in continuing their romance if she does carry a baby for Rick and Maya? It would seem that Nicole will continue to push forward on this plan for now, but fans aren’t sure she will ultimately follow through.

While it seems that Monday’s episode will be heavily focused on Zende, Nicole, Maya, and Rick, there is plenty more coming up as the week continues. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Caroline and Rick will have the first ultrasound of the baby done. Will this be a simple and joyous event for them, or could the test reveal some problematic or tricky details?

In addition, Thomas seems content to try to move on from his attraction to Caroline. He seems to believe Caroline’s assertions that he’s not the father of her baby, and now he’s setting his sights on someone else. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail, however, that he may run into an obstacle with his new conquest.

Fans have seen that Thomas is getting quite flirty with Ivy, and she seems a bit flattered by his sweet talk. However, previews for the week show Wyatt quickly catching on to all of this and making it clear he will fight to keep his girl.

This week’s episodes will also have some moments with Bill and Katie, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease an upcoming outburst and difficult meeting at Forrester Creations. Just who will be involved in this one? Fans will be anxious to find out.


Will Nicole go ahead with her plans to carry a baby for Rick and Maya, or will the parents talk them out of this? Just what comes next for Caroline and Ridge with this pregnancy? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that there is plenty more drama ahead as the week continues, and viewers are curious to see how this all comes together.

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