The Voice: Why These 5 Voice Contestants Are Steal-Worthy [Opinion]

The Voice: Who Might Get Stolen?

NBC’s The Voice is back for its final series of shows before we, the television audience, get the chance to make our voices heard. It’s been a great season up until now, as there are a good number of promising singers to support. I admit that while I have a few Voice hopefuls that I’ve got my eye on, there are no favorites yet.

How can there be at this stage? Are you kidding me? I’m too busy praying that the remaining steal gets put to good use. I’m not going to talk about how more than one was absolutely wasted thus far and how more deserving singers have gone home. Nope. I’ll save that observation for the end of this round of Voice competition.

Instead, let’s talk about which of the remaining Voice hopefuls I think of as “steal-worthy” singers.

Mark Hood isn’t just a great singer. He owns the stage when he performs, as we saw during his duet with the (gone far too soon!) Celeste Betton during their Voice performance of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” It was a great duet…but alas, all the steals were gone by that point.

Yep, you read that correctly: The show is edited to make things interesting, and sometimes that means showing singers out of order. Oh, well!

In any case, the order arrangement for this week suggests that there’s one steal left, and one of the remaining singers will get it. As a singer with the right moves, Mark Hood wouldn’t be in the position to even need a steal. And since he’s on Team Pharrell….Yeah. However, since this list is about “steal-worthy” singers, I feel he’s worth a mention.

I want Nadjah Nicole to stick around for purely selfish reasons, and I don’t even apologize for it. She’s representing Delaware…I’m from Delaware. Nothing major has come out of this state since “Bad To The Bone” hit the airwaves. So I’m cheering her on and hoping she makes it to the Live Playoffs — so I can shamelessly vote my heart out.

I was a little worried because she got “montaged” on The Voice a few weeks ago. Now, being “montaged” isn’t a fate worse than death. It happened to Season 7 runner-up Matt McAndrew. The fact that Nadja is so visible on the TV spot for the upcoming episodes of The Voice makes me hope she’s going to feature more. Hopefully, this Delawarean Voice hopeful will make a local girl proud.

Evan McKeel won me over with his Stevie Wonder cover during his blind audition, and I’ve been a fan ever since. However, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I wasn’t fully onboard when he sang “Typical.” Yes, I know he earned the judges admiration, but it wasn’t until the impromptu cover that I actually appreciated his versatility as a singer. He’s like an unpolished diamond. I really hope Voice coach Pharrell Williams can guide him in the direction that’s going to make him truly shine. Williams struck gold during The Voice Season 9 with Sawyer Fredericks.

Unfortunately for Evan, it’s his coach that has the remaining steal. Still, if it were another coach, I’d consider McKeel to be “steal-worthy”. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that he makes it to the Voice Live Playoffs.

I was sad to see Krista Hughes go, but I do appreciate Chris Crump. He demonstrated that he has a bit more versatility voice-wise. He’s not just a soft-voiced, easy-listening type artist; the guy has some pipes. I think he proves that not every talented Voice performance has to scream at people to be noticed. He has such a soft, sweet voice…and that might be the most underrepresented in this competition.

I think that if it comes down to it, Chris Crump should move on. There are some tough opponents left (and a good chance he’s up against my fellow Delaware girl Nadjah…), so it may be that Crump will have an opportunity to remain in the contest via the remaining Voice steal.

I’m genuinely fond of James Dupré’s voice. I also like that Voice coach Adam Levine is getting the chance to troll Blake Shelton via Dupré. It makes for good fun. However, Voice judge rivalry aside, I like the tone of James’s voice, and I feel he’s one of the stronger country singers remaining.

I say this because there’s “crossover” potential in his voice, giving him the ability to win over non-country music fans during the show. Perhaps that might come across well enough to earn a steal from the one Voice coach that has one remaining during this portion of the show.

Those are the Voice singers I find “steal-worthy”. Personally, I’m torn because I’m not sure which singers I’d prefer to get that last steal if it came down to it. Maybe you’re a bit more sure than I am.

Which singers left in the competition are “steal-worthy” in your opinion and why? Also (since I brought it up earlier…) which rescued singer would you consider a waste of a steal? Please share your thoughts below!

[Image Via Screen Grab From YouTube]