David Beckham Peeved After Mistaken For Ricky Gervais At L.A. Gym

So there was David Beckham, working out at an L.A. gym and generally showing off his muscles, when he was mobbed by Ricky Gervais fans.

Football ace David Beckham was working out at SoulCycle in Los Angeles when the incident happened. Reportedly, someone overheard him speaking to a trainer in the gym, and apparently hearing him speak with an English accent may have led to the misunderstanding.

Admittedly Beckham and The Office star and animal champion Ricky Gervais are both English and have beards. They both like to wear tracksuits, baseball caps, and sunglasses on occasion, as do many other people, so there the resemblance pretty much ends.

It must also be borne in mind 40-year-old Beckham is four inches taller than 54-year-old Gervais, who stands at 5ft 8ins. Yahoo! Celebrity report that, while Gervais is pretty trim, his physique doesn’t quite match the toned muscles and abs of Beckham. Gervais is also lacking in all those fancy tats that Beckham displays, and it was thus to be expected that the football icon was a tad upset about the situation.

Naturally David Beckham is a celebrity in his own right and is always happy to sign autographs and chat to fans about his Manchester United past and future plans for his own MLS side in Miami, Florida.

However, as word spread through the gym of a celebrity in the midst of all the members and guests, a queue quickly formed next to the exercise machine Beckham was using at the time.

Reportedly, at first he was all smiles, pleased to be complimented by so many fans. Beckham naturally thought fans wanted to discuss his double league-winning play with LA Galaxy, but no, they apparently had other ideas. It was when they started congratulating him on being named as host of January’s Golden Globes award ceremony for the fourth time, he became a little perplexed.

According to one onlooker in the gym, Beckham was friendly with the first few people in the queue of fans, “who were saying things like, ‘Hey, Ricky’ and, ‘Would you mind signing this, Ricky?'”

However it quickly became apparent that David Beckham was not impressed to be mistaken for a guy who is a lot older than him and “with the best will in the world, will never be in the same sort of physical shape.”

According to the onlooker, Beckham eventually stormed off to the changing rooms with an extremely angry expression and a bright red face. He then refused to talk to anyone else in the gym and totally snubbed Ricky Gervais’ many fans.

When Beckham left the Beverly Hills club in a huff, he was reportedly faced by yet another small crowd of fans who had gathered outside the gym. They thought he was Ricky Gervais, too. Another onlooker at the gym told the media “He had to run a gauntlet of more ‘Ricky’ calls before he roared off in his car.”

According to The Express, spokesmen for both David Beckham and Ricky Gervais declined to comment on the incident. The English newspaper also said that a mistaken identity like this would never, ever, happen in England.

In other recent news relating to David Beckham, the Inquisitr reports that his wife, Victoria Beckham responded to rumors the famous couple were about to get divorced.

The former Spice Girl spoke to Grazia about the rumors flying around the tabloids about a possible split, saying she had nothing to prove and that she is totally content with her husband. The couple have been married for sixteen years and have four children together.

[Photo David Beckham by Ian Walton / Getty Images Sport – Ricky Gervais by Mark Davis / Getty Images Entertainment]