‘Pretty Little Liars’ Executive Producer Reveals The Truth For A Season 6B Reshoot

Pretty Little Liars fans had much to discuss when ABC released a trailer featuring the first four minutes from the first episode of Pretty Little Liars‘ season 6B, but possibly one item caused more discussion and more ridicule from PLL fans than anything else. As it turns out, PLL fans weren’t alone in their critical assessment of the Pretty Little Liars tease. The show’s executive producer, Lisa Cochran-Neilan, was equally bothered and has since come up with the only solution that would satisfy herself, as well as PLL fans.

Pretty Little Liars‘ Spence Hastings Works In Washington, D.C., Or Does She?

For over five years, Pretty Little Liars has produced a quality show on a limited budget, using and reusing the same sets as different locales, and shooting the majority of scenes on their Burbank, California lot. Most times, the Pretty Little Liars cast and crew has sold those shots, giving them the feel of authenticity.

Now, as MTV News reports, Pretty Little Liars has seemingly dropped the ball with a shot in the four-minute teaser released a few weeks ago in which Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) is purportedly working outside of the nation’s capitol. The image is so obviously fake, made possible through the use of green screen technology, that PLL fans at New York Comic Con burst into fits of laughter immediately upon being shown the scene.

Pretty Little Liars, Spencer Hastings
Spencer Hastings on Capitol Hill didn't go over well. Image courtesy of ABC Family.

Fans weren’t alone. As an executive producer for Pretty Little Liars, Lisa Cochran-Neilan has called for a reshoot of that part of the sequence and has shared with PLL fans that the scene is in the process of being redone.

It seems the shot will still be done using green screen technology and a rough-looking stand in for Ms. Bellisario, but maybe the Pretty Little Liars crew will be able to come up with a better shot. However, it might have been better (and cheaper) to set up an interior setting to make the shot work.

Pretty Little Liars To Have A November Special To Make Up For The Lack Of A Halloween Special

The 6B season of Pretty Little Liars isn’t scheduled to pick up until January, and that’s not really news to PLL fans, but many were unpleasantly surprised when ABC Family failed to air a special Halloween Pretty Little Liars episode. Many had come to think that there would be no new content until January, but it seems there is still a special episode in the not so distant future.

Melty reports that, while Pretty Little Liars will pick up with a new mystery with its January premiere and sending PLL fans off in a five-year time jumps, there are still some unresolved issues that need to be addressed. Topping that list is the answer to the puzzle of who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis, but there also seems to be more backstory of the history between CeCe and Jason.

Before Pretty Little Liars throws fans into an entirely new mystery, there is still more to explore and it seems November 24 is the date PLL fans will want to reserve. The episode, titled “Flash Forward,” will give fans of Pretty Little Liars a look at what has happened during the five missing years and will seemingly include behind the scenes footage, as well.


Since the episode is timed around Thanksgiving, a holiday reserved for family, the episode very probably will focus on the girls and their families, possibly exploring why each of them will make the decisions that will affect their future lives. The special Pretty Little Liars episode may also give fans their last glimpses of their favorite relationships, since that four-minute teaser has suggested much will change.

[Featured image courtesy of ABC Family/Pretty Little Liars]