Malika Haqq’s Ex-Boyfriend, Chinx, Gets Plenty Of Buzz After ‘Dash Dolls’ Appearance [Video]

Malika Haqq is Khloe Kardashian’s best friend, and Malika has gotten a lot of buzz due to her ex-boyfriend, Chinx. Haqq’s ex-boyfriend remained a mysterious figure on Dash Dolls, with Chinx only appearing in some scenes on the show.


A video clip showing Chinx with Malika on Dash Dolls featured Haqq waxing nostalgic about Chinx, and the fact that they couldn’t really be together because Malika lived in Los Angeles and Chinx lived back east.


The big unsaid thing about her ex-boyfriend was that he was married for 8 years to another woman, and that’s a big reason that Malika wasn’t with Chinx.

There’s no telling why the Dash Dolls episodes didn’t clearly spell out that Haqq didn’t want to be with her ex-boyfriend Chinx prior to his death until he resolved his still-married situation with his wife. Perhaps they didn’t mention Chinx by name — even though they clearly showed Malika and Chinx hanging out and being loving together — because they were trying to have some sort of respect for Chinx’s wife and family. But apparently it appears Chinx had already decided to make his relationship with his then-girlfriend Malika public, because he would’ve likely had to sign some sort of release for Chinx to appear in the footage shown on Dash Dolls.

Haqq might not have wanted her own reputation to suffer any more hits, even as Malika’s sister, Khadijah, urged her to get help. Malika did admit that she wanted to still be friends with Chinx, but in the past, she’d learned from ex-boyfriends that “once the panties come down,” it can change a relationship. Khloe agreed that sex can have a big impact upon a relationship.

As reported by Heavy, Malika’s ex-boyfriend Chinx was only 31-years-old when he was killed in the drive-by shooting.

Haqq’s ex-boyfriend is causing buzz online because of his appearance and the obvious talk of Chinx on the reality TV show Dash Dolls, even if they don’t mention Chinx by name. That’s because folks are wondering how a married man like Chinx could be considered Malika’s boyfriend or ex-boyfriend if Chinx was still married to another woman at the time of his death. Chinx was still married to Janelli Pickens, a 28-year-old woman at the time of her husband’s death, who lashed out on Facebook at all of Chinx’s girlfriends and described that Chinx’s 4-year-old son asked for his father.

With photos of Chinx and Malika hanging out with French Montana, Khloe, and others prior to Chinx’s untimely death, others realize that Chinx wasn’t shy about making it appear that Haqq was his girlfriend at the time. Haqq reacted on Instagram to Chinx’s death with wistful sadness, and now that the episode of the reality TV show has caught up to the time that Malika discovered the news of Chinx’s death, Malika’s name is being linked to Chinx’s name once more.

Now that Chinx has been laid to rest and Malika has aired her feelings about her ex-boyfriend, new episodes will likely show Haqq trying to heal from the fractured relationship with her married ex-boyfriend, and moving on to hopefully a better relationship with a man who isn’t taken.

[Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for BET]