Baltimore Parents Accused Of Killing Newborn Son

A Baltimore couple stands accused of committing an unthinkable crime. ABC News 2 reports that 37-year-old Matthew Kirsch and his wife, 35-year-old Anne Kirsch, are accused of murdering their 9-day-old son. Now they are sitting in jail on several charges, which include murder and neglect of a child that barely had a chance to live.

Authorities in Baltimore responded to the couple’s home on the October 20 to find Matthew Kirsch, Jr. unresponsive. The parents of the 9-day-old newborn told police that they found him in the home like this. The newborn baby was pronounced dead at Sinai Hospital just moments later, from injuries associated with blunt force trauma, dehydration, and malnutrition. The child also suffered from an injury found on the back of his head, which medical examiners say is consistent with being slammed down on a hard surface.

WBALTV reports that the Baltimore couple never reported the birth of the child, meaning he was not born in a hospital or under the care of any medical professionals. He was reportedly born in an auto-repair shop, where both Matthew and Anne Kirsch worked. However, Matthew Kirsch publicly announced the birth of the child by posting on his Facebook on October 11.

“My first child was born at 7 this morning, and it’s a boy.”

Even though the father appeared to be a proud new parent in his social media announcement, over the course of nine days, he and his wife abused and neglected the child, which led to his tragic death. That’s not the only disturbing detail in this horrifying case.

Authorities in Baltimore believe that Anne and Matthew Kirsch tried to stage a crime scene by placing bottles of baby formula out in the open in their home. Police believe they did this to falsify the idea that they had been feeding the baby when they had allegedly starved the child in actuality. A medical examiner’s report stated that the child’s stomach was empty, save for gastric fluid.

“The child was a road map of abuse and neglect,” the report also read.

Neighbors of the couple are horrified by the news of what happened. One neighbor expressed disgust at the idea that two people would bring an innocent baby into the world, only to murder him.

“That’s terrible. I mean, if they want a baby. They should keep the baby. If they didn’t want the baby, put it up for adoption or just not have it.”

To no surprise, it’s also being reported that the Baltimore couple share a heroin addiction, which may have played a role in the death of the 9-day-old infant. Detectives investigating the tragic case say that the newborn may have been born addicted to the dangerous drug as well. This only adds to the pain and suffering that the innocent baby allegedly experienced.

Heather Brown and Daylon Reed were charged with murder after their infant died of heroin addiction symptoms. Redding Jail mugshots.

This isn’t the first time reported heroin addicts have committed unthinkable crimes against children. Earlier this year, two California parents were charged with first-degree murder and child abuse after their infant died of a heroin addiction. The 5-day-old infant was found unresponsive and alone in a motel room, which also led to charges associated with neglect.

New York woman accused of overdosing her own child; Photo courtesy of Fort Edward Police

Also this year, a New York state woman was arrested along with her boyfriend, and charged in association with the death of her 13-month-old daughter. Baby Kayleigh Mae Cassel was intentionally given heroin until she overdosed to her death, according to authorities. Police in Fort Edward also claim that the duo gave the infant adult cold medication and cocaine in addition to the heroin, which ultimately killed her.

[Photo: Baltimore Jail mugshot]