White Henna Tattoos: A New Trend For Brides

When one hears the word “henna,” the mind immediately goes towards the standard goldish-brown, red-hued henna coloring that has decorated hands in intricate designs for hundreds of years. However, a new trend has emerged and spread via social media — one that shows white henna tattoos are growing in popularity. On Twitter, some soon-to-be brides are announcing how they plan to use the white henna trend for their wedding days instead of the traditional brown henna colors on their hands.


White henna tattoos are the latest trend, reports Metro, explaining how henna tattoos going from brown to white began in the Middle East. Now, the white henna tattoo trend has spread around with world, with people adorning their hands, feet, bellies, and other body parts in white henna designs.


Some of those intricately designed white henna tattoos come from pre-cut designs. Other of the white henna tattoos come from tattoo artists who know how to paint the intricate designs with a steady and creative hand. Either way, some brides are preferring the white henna colors because they match perfectly with a white wedding gown with a matching lace design.

On Instagram, the #whitehenna hashtag enjoys at least 15,779 posts as of this writing.

On Twitter, a search for white henna reveals some truly beautiful and intricate designs of white henna with glitter on hands.


Along with being called white henna, other names for the trend are ivory ink, alabaster henna, or any other color than can substitute for the white color.

The popular gold foil flash tattoos are out, and the beautifully detailed white henna tattoos are in, reports Elite Daily. From the torso to the back to the tummy, the white henna tattoos are being hailed as a complimentary addition to any skin tone. Some of the white henna tattoos are used in conjunction with gold foil tattoos in that the white henna tattoo spaces are filled in with gold. Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to these white henna tattoos.

The white henna trend, as reported by Scoopwhoop, can be garnered by visiting sites like Alibaba that sell the white henna tattoo kits. Reportedly, the white henna ink is safe enough for both kids and adults, but caution is always advised when jumping on the new trend bandwagon — especially for those with sensitive skin.

Folks who want to try the white henna trend can get their feet wet by trying a little bit of white henna on their ring fingers, for example, or go whole hog by trying out a large white henna design over their whole body or a large part of it. The best part of the white henna temporary tattoos are just that — they are temporary — so, if the person wearing the white henna doesn’t like the design or tires of how it looks on their skin, they won’t have to live with it on a permanent basis.


It’s not merely brides looking forward to their wedding days that are sporting the new white henna trend. Women seeking something new or just a unique look to wear to the beach or on a fancy evening out are also filling social media with their own white henna looks.

[Image via Instagram.com/uniquefreakofficial]