Jimmy Fallon Proves He’s Just Accident-Prone With Throwback Photo

Jimmy Fallon has been the subject of quite a bit of speculation lately regarding his many injury-inducing accidents, including whether or not he needs an intervention for a drinking problem, but a recent throwback photo shows that he has always been accident-prone.

The Tonight Show host almost lost a finger earlier this year in what has been described as a “kitchen incident” at home, and soon after, he chipped a tooth while reportedly trying to open a medicine bottle. A third injury — again to his hand — a couple of weeks ago was, according to reports, without a doubt done while he was inebriated at a Harvard Lampoon event, and now sources are telling gossip sites that Jimmy’s bosses at NBC are monitoring the situation.

According to rumors, Bob Greenblatt and Lorne Michaels “have recently had several very frank and honest conversations about Jimmy. Lorne is extremely protective of Jimmy, obviously. Does Jimmy like to party and have a good time? Absolutely, and there are late nights of going out with the crew after the show finishes taping, but it’s not every night. Jimmy shows up for work, on time, and is always a professional. The NBC family adores Jimmy, but Bob is monitoring the situation. If he needs to intervene, it will be done.”

The New York Post tracked down a bartender who has served Jimmy many times over the years and says that he’s wild, and certainly knows how to party. Indeed, Fallon has reportedly been a big fixture on the bar scene in New York and was said to be involved in a brawl last year in the East Village.

“He’s a mess. I love him… Everything you’ve heard about his behavior is true,” she says.

“Everyone in New York has a Jimmy Fallon story. It’s always like, ‘In 2000, Jimmy threw this dude out of a bar, or poured his beer on someone, or got on a table and sang a song,’ ” says Fallon’s friend, Seth Herzog.

Perhaps to clear up some of the stories, Jimmy posted a photo on Instagram recently of himself as a kid, dressed up as Pee Wee Herman for Halloween with his finger bandaged.

“Throwback Halloween. Me as Pee Wee. (Notice the bandaged finger. Some things never change,)” he captioned the shot.

Fallon told his audience about the most recent fall, which happened while he was receiving an award at Harvard.

“Apparently some girl was going to kneel down to give me a flower or something. So, she knelt down, I didn’t see her… This hand is already gone, so I threw the bottle and then I just landed on broken glass. Oh, yeah! Pools of blood everywhere… It turns out it wasn’t that bad. But anyways, I took more pictures with my hand in my pocket. Then I went inside and I looked at it… The EMT said, ‘You should probably go to the hospital, see if there’s any glass in it.’ So, I went to the hospital—I’m so used to going to the hospital now—that I’m like, ‘This is kind of fun.’ I went in and everything’s all right and all great. So, a couple Band-Aids. I want to let everyone know I’m fine,” Jimmy assured his fans.

Jimmy Fallon will soon be getting his own theme park exhibit, a ride that will replace Twister… Ride It Out at Universal Orlando. Fallon has reportedly been working with park officials to create the ride, which will be called “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon.” The attraction opens in 2017.

[Photo by Mike Coppola / Getty Images]