Louis Tomlinson: One Direction Star Admits He Took Zayn’s Departure Hard, Is Glad It Happened Before The Next 1D Album

As any One Direction fan knows, the band was deeply saddened by the loss of Zayn Malik, though perhaps none of them more than Louis Tomlinson. Malik left the band back in March of this year to pursue a solo career with the intent of making what he called “real music.” Malik signed a deal with RCA earlier this year, whereas his former bandmates are signed to Simon Cowell’s SyCo Entertainment. Tomlinson recently opened up regarding the way he felt about Zayn’s departure, admitting he took it harder than most of the other members of the band.

Tomlinson told the Sunday Times Style that he had mixed feelings about Malik’s departure, saying “It was hard. I think maybe for me the most. But he wanted to be happy and he wasn’t…” Most fans did not take Zayn leaving as well as Tomlinson, but continued to support both One Direction and Malik in their respective careers.

Dont be sad because One Direction is having a year break. Be happy that Zayn Malik is starting his solo career soon.

— zayn (@zayncutestgifs) November 1, 2015

Tomlinson and his fellow bandmates recently performed at their last tour stop in Sheffield, England, before the band takes a quick break to rest. Meanwhile, their new song, “Perfect,” premiered at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, one slot ahead of Major Lazer’s song “Lean On” featuring Mo. Some fear Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne’s short break may portend disaster for the future of One Direction, but they assured fans they are just recharging a bit.

Louis Tomlinson: One Direction Star Admits He Took Zayn's Departure Hard, Is Glad It Happened Before The Next 1D Album Louis Tomlinson (Center) and Zayn Malik accept an award for Best International Act at the 28th Annual ARIA Awards in Sydney, Australia, November 26, 2014. [Image Via Brendon Thorne, Getty Images/Stringer]There may have been issues between the band members even before Zayn’s dramatic departure. According to the Sun.co.uk, there was major animosity of an unknown origin between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles and, by the end of 2012, the two were barely able to speak to one another. Rumors aside, it is clear Tomlinson did not feel this same type of hatred towards Zayn Malik, as Malik’s departure weighed heavily on Louis. Could these divisive feuds potentially be the end of One Direction? Only time will tell. The Inquisitr recently reported on rumors of the supposed feud between Styles and Louis Tomlinson, as the two were supposedly seen fighting onstage.

Others propose the exact opposite, that Louis and Harry are actually carrying on a homosexual relationship in secret, though this is unlikely given that they can’t even live together or tolerate one another. Whatever Tomlinson’s feelings are about his fellow bandmates, it’s unclear whether Zayn leaving had anything to do with the One Direction hiatus.

Louis Tomlinson: One Direction Star Admits He Took Zayn's Departure Hard, Is Glad It Happened Before The Next 1D Album Louis Tomlinson onstage with One Direction as they perform on ABC’s “Good Morning America” in Central Park, August 4, 2015. [Image Via Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images]Tomlinson and the rest of the band have been targeted by many rumors since the dawn of their career in 2010, when they signed with SyCo Entertainment as a result of their appearance on the reality show, The X-Factor. Since then, fans have made assumptions about pretty much everything surrounding the band. When Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jaregui shared a cab with Louis Tomlinson, fans assumed they were dating, for instance, and they even accused Malik’s ex-girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, of being to One Direction what Yoko Ono was to The Beatles (ouch).

The fact that One Direction has managed to suffer these rumors and the loss of a band-mate and still survive, if not thrive, is pretty amazing in and of itself. Word on the street has it Tomlinson and the other One Direction members are going to go solo while the band takes its hiatus, which is only scheduled for a year but could be indefinite if the boys get too comfy in their solo work. Let us know what you think about Louis and Zayn’s feelings towards one another below, and also if you think the break is the end of One Direction.

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