November 1, 2015
Vicki Gunvalson's Brother's Girlfriend, Rhonda, Denies She Confronted Shannon Beador During Tamra Judge's Party At Vicki's Bidding

The woman who arguably caused the biggest drama to happen on the season finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 wasn't even a housewife. On the season finale, Rhonda, Vicki Gunvalson's brother's girlfriend, confronted Shannon Beador at Tamra Judge's baptism party for being a bad friend to Vicki, in the process revealing that Vicki had told her about David Beador's affair. The revelation sent an infuriated Shannon to grab Vicki's arm and scream at her, after which Vicki compared herself to Jesus. In an interview with All About The Tea, posted on Sunday, Rhonda talked about the confrontation with Shannon and gave her opinion on the other housewives' treatment of Vicki this past season.

Rhonda, Vicki's brother Billy's girlfriend, explained why she decided to confront Shannon.

"We knew that there may be some tension at the party. I approached Shannon on my own. I felt that Vicki was being targeted, especially at times when she was not in the room, which was what bothered me the most. When Vicki left the room, the three ladies were badmouthing and speaking poorly about her. That's why I stepped up, and interjected the way I did. No one told me what to say or what not to say... what I said was just honesty, and how I felt. I believed that Vicki was being ambushed at that party, face-to-face, and behind her back."
As for Shannon's over-the-top reaction to what she said, Rhonda commented that it's a reflection on Shannon.
"Sometimes when you show someone their reflection, they don't like the truth. I was just bringing the truth to light. I think that's what happened... reality hurts."
In regards to the other housewives' questioning of Vicki and Brooks' claim that he has cancer all season long, Rhonda said that Vicki is a successful adult who knows how to make a decision and that the other women should have respected Vicki's stand by Brooks.

So what exactly did Rhonda say to Shannon Beador during Tamra Judge's baptism party? Rhonda told Shannon, in front of others, that Vicki Gunvalson did not ask to see the records when she thought her husband was cheating on her.

"She didn't ask to see the records when you thought your husband was cheating on you."
Shannon immediately marched over to Vicki, who was talking to Heather Dubrow. Vicki at first was happy and shouted "yay!" when Shannon thanked her for being such a true friend to her. Yet when Shannon continued talking and grabbed Vicki's arm, Vicki's face fell when she realized that she was actually being scolded.
"Vicki, thank you so much for being a true friend and not telling anybody my secrets because your friend just said a lot of stuff about my past! That you would tell her what's going on in my life, thank you! Thank you! You're such a great friend!"
Instead of trying to smooth things over with Shannon, Vicki declared that she's done with Shannon, that Shannon deserves it and that she feels like she's Jesus being nailed to the cross.
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Shannon explained in a blog post after the episode aired why she got so mad that Vicki had obviously told her brother and brother's girlfriend about David Beador's affair. She explained that at the time of Tamra's baptism party, Vicki did not know that the other housewives knew of David's affair, and so was aware that she was supposed to keep it a secret.

Vicki later countered that Tamra Judge actually told others about David's affair long ago, and Shannon knew that everyone knew, so it was hardly a secret that she was supposed to keep.

"What you don't know is that last year Tamra actually told the group about David's affair at a dinner we were all at, and even disclosed the woman's name and information about her. Bottom line here is Shannon knew that Heather, Tamra, and Lizzie all knew and by me telling my brother privately in my home was not any secret."
A preview shows that viewers will see Shannon Beador lash out at Vicki Gunvalson over Rhonda's announcement at Tamra Judge's baptism party on Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion show, which airs tonight, November 1, at 8 p.m.
"For her to announce, in the middle of a baptism for God's sake, it's all okay Vicki! No remorse from you!"
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