Is Lindsay Lohan So Attention-Starved She’d Pretend To Be Married?

Lindsay Lohan is making heads turn, but only briefly, as they probably quickly turn the other way again.

Lohan attended a costume party at The Cuckoo Club in London on Wednesday wearing a cat mask and a lace bodysuit. The costume wasn’t what was turning heads, though. Lohan was wearing what appeared to be a large engagement ring and a wedding band, according to Page Six.

Page Six claimed Lindsay Lohan was so “attention-starved” that she decided to pull off the stunt of wearing the fake wedding ring set to see if anyone would notice.

A source supposedly close to Lindsay said, “She has lost her mind. She did it as a joke for her friends and wanted to see what people would do or say.”

Lohan completed her Halloween outfit with red lipstick and a dribble of blood down the corner of her mouth.

When she’s not pretending to be married, Lindsay Lohan sometimes contemplates what running for president in 2020 would be like. Huffington Post reports the actor announced via Instagram that she believes she qualifies to run the United States because she lives in London and has watched Queen Elizabeth work her magic from the throne.

In #2020 I may run for president. Through ups and downs #YESWECAN lets do this @kanyewest 🇺🇸 #truespirits thank your for inspiring us to be better people @barackobama #kanyewest2020 #lindsaylohanat35 #lindsaylohan2020 with #34yearsofEXPERIENCE 🙏🏻 #unitingWORLDnations @aliforneycenter @savethesociety @unicef

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While her intentions “to take care of all of the children suffering in the world” are admirable, it’s likely that her long history of run-ins with the law would also present a roadblock to any real leadership role in government.

Lindsay Lohan mugshot Lindsay Lohan has seen her share of legal troubles, as represented by her mugshots. [Photo by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department via Getty Images]Lindsay Lohan is known for her goofy antics, but what if this latest bit isn’t actually a weird stunt for publicity? What if Lindsay Lohan is wearing an engagement ring and wedding ring because she did get married in some sort of secret ceremony?

It’s probably unlikely that Lohan would have let an event like her own wedding fly under the media radar, especially if she is as “attention-starved,” as some of her critics claim. Besides, as far as anyone really knows, Lindsay isn’t in a serious relationship.

In an attempt to possibly brag and have some fun with her friends, Lohan once made a sex list and claimed to have left it behind, accidentally, on a table. The sex list had many celebrity names on it, and some of the celebs denied ever being with her. Others pleaded the fifth. At least one, Wilmer Valderrama, gave some of the juicy sex details up to Howard Stern and didn’t deny it at all. He could hardly deny it; he and Lindsay seriously dated for a year and a half.

Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama were a couple back in 2004. [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]Justin Timberlake, James Franco, and Adam Levine made the scandalous list, as well as many others.

If Lindsay would go as far as to make a sex list and share it with the world, it’s hard to fathom the actress going undercover and marrying anyone without as much as a peep from herself as the blushing bride or from her potential groom.

Although Lohan has denied being bisexual in the past despite having dated women, she once told Harper’s Bazaar, “I don’t want to classify myself. First of all, you never know what’s going to happen — tomorrow, in a month, a year from now, five years from now. I appreciate people, and it doesn’t matter who they are, and I feel blessed to be able to feel comfortable enough with myself that I can say that.”

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