November 1, 2015
WWE Rumors: Rey Mysterio Talks A WWE Comeback After Alberto Del Rio's Return

Rey Mysterio's departure from WWE made it seem as if he was completely and totally done with the company. It was believed that he would head on to AAA Wrestling or even Lucha Underground to finish off his career elsewhere. By comparison, many thought the same thing about Alberto Del Rio, but they were recently proven wrong. Now, Mysterio has spoken on a possible return to WWE, and it's something that doesn't seem out of the question.

It is known that Mysterio and WWE parted ways on good terms; he wanted to spend more time with his family. The often-injured former world champion was thought to be really put out with WWE, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

Rey Mysterio recently appeared on the Gorilla Position Podcast to speak on a number of things. As usual, the subject of a WWE return was one of them. He did speak on the possibility of it happening one day.

"Never say never. I didn't leave on bad terms. There was no dispute or bad intention on me leaving. So, if there is an opportunity down the road and both parties agree to it, why not."
This doesn't say a whole lot, but it does put things into a better perspective. It's interesting to see that Mysterio and WWE did part ways on good terms considering all of the rumors that went on during his final run there. For months, Mysterio didn't even appear on television before the two went their separate ways.

Alberto Del Rio's return was one that really turned a lot of heads after the way he parted ways with WWE. There were allegedly racial remarks thrown at him by a staffer and it turned ugly when Del Rio slapped the person.

Alberto Del Rio return WWE Rey Mysterio
[Image via WWE]WWE and Del Rio agreed upon terms of his release and the staffer eventually ended up leaving the company, as well. About a year later, Alberto Del Rio shows up at Hell In A Cell, answers John Cen's U.S. Open Challenge, and wins the title.

It goes to show you that anything is possible and can happen in the world of wrestling.

Cageside Seats continued with more of what Rey Mysterio had to say and it doesn't appear as if a WWE return is imminent. It is possible, but just not something happening in the very near future for the 40-year-old.

"At this stage of my career and my personal life, I'm enjoying it [time off]. It's what I want to do. I wanted to spend time with my kids and my wife, and I wanted my body to heal up. So, I'm going through that right now."
Rey Mysterio's last appearance on WWE television was in April of 2014 when he lost to Bad News Barrett on Monday Night Raw. He then took time off to heal a wrist injury and never ended up coming back.

WWE extended his contract without his approval, even though Mysterio was looking to leave. This was said to have been done due to a clause in it that allowed WWE to extend the contract if Mysterio missed too much time due to injury.

rey mysterio wwe return
[Image by WWE]In February of this year, Rey Mysterio was officially released from WWE and went on to appear for AAA and has wrestled for other promotions, as well. For now, he's happy doing what he is doing and the way his travel schedule is. This allows him more time with his family, but a return to WWE could be in the cards and may happen before he finally calls it quits.

[Image via WWE]