November 1, 2015
Nicki Minaj's Social Media Posts Cause Controversy

Nicki Minaj had a little too much fun on Halloween. The rapper didn't think through her recent social media posts, each of which have been causing its share of controversy.

It's never really Halloween without a costume sparking controversy these days. Nicki Minaj was the one to cause it this time around with her Instagram post on Saturday, October 31. She shared a screenshot of a photo originally shared by music producer and radio host DJ Clue. The controversial photo shows someone dressed up as Bill Cosby, who's holding a man dressed up as an unconscious woman.

Minaj shared the photo with the caption: "Our generation is so desensitized." DJ Clue had the original caption: "This gotta stop #PillCosby" with a laughing and crying emoji.

Nicki Minaj's Instagram Repost
(Credit: DJ Clue/Instagram)

Minaj's fans quickly criticized the rapper's Instagram posts, since they found the costume offensive to Cosby's alleged victims. One commenter wrote that the post was "so f***ed up," while another deemed it "disgusting." Another commenter added, "This isn't what Halloween is about."

It's unclear whether or not Nicki thought that it the post was so funny that she had to post it on social media. Or, maybe she was trying to make a message by sharing the controversial costume. Nicki's rep has not responded to a request for comment to the media. As of Sunday, November 1, her post is still up on her Instagram page.

This isn't the only social media post that angered Nicki Minaj's fans. According to celebrity gossip blog Oh No They Didn't!, Minaj also made fun of disabled people in her latest clip. The video shows Minaj laughing at pointing at a person in a wheelchair. She then waves her "magical wand" and tells the person in the wheelchair to walk. You can watch the clip at Nicki Minaj's Instagram video, which is also still up on Sunday.

Nicki Minaj
(Credit: Nicki Minaj/Instagram)

Some of Nicki's fans were quick to defend the rapper, claiming that she was drunk and it was her makeup artist and friend who was sitting in the wheelchair. Regardless, the video is a mockery of disabled people, and is tacky to share on social media. Neither Nicki's rep nor has the rapper responded to this latest social media post, as well.

One fan wrote: "OK SO THIS IS THE STORY! The person in the POWER CHAIR is not disabled, that is her makeup artist and she was to lazy to walk! She was drunk, the is absolutely nothing wrong with this video! Get facts before you judge."

While another fan argued: "Funny how everyone is like 'but its her friend' uh.. so its ok to make fun of disabled on halloween because why? Oh.. cause she is famous lmao because of this NOW i feel like i need to go out today and spread this msg and be mean to the disabled today.. because its funny thanks @nickiminaj for the insperation [SIC]."

For Halloween, Nicki Minaj dressed up as a fierce fairy princess. Her costume consisted of a cleavage-baring bejeweled bodice with a white tutu and fishnet stockings. Minaj completed her look with diamond jewelry, a gold wand, black lace-up boots, and a diamond tiara.

The "Anaconda" rapper celebrated Halloween at the celeb hotspot 1OAK on October 31. Before making her appearance at the event, she shared a series of photos of her sexy princess costume on social media. Nicki was practically busting out in most of the photos.

She captioned one of the photos, "I'm a fairy fkng princess." Well, that explains her costume. It's kind of impressive that Minaj didn't cause a wardrobe malfunction all night long. A previous report via the Daily Mail claimed that Minaj's costume left very little to the imagination.

"She made one very eye-popping display as the skimpy garment skimmed the edges of her nipples and the embellishment only served to draw more attention to her assets."
Nicki Minaj was riding solo on Halloween night. She was without her rumored fiancé, Meek Mill, according to a report via the Hollywood Life. Meek hit up a separate party on October 31, making fans wonder if the couple is still together. But Minaj and Meek's relationship is hot and cold, often confusing their fans about their relationship status.

What are your thoughts on Nicki Minaj's social media posts? Do you think it was wrong for the rapper to share them with her fans? We want to hear from you! Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Bennett Raglin / Getty Images for Power 105.1's Powerhouse 2015]