Trick-Or-Treater Finds Razor Blade In Halloween Candy Snickers Bar In Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Trick-or-treating should be a night of carefree fun, with kids dressed up as their favorite characters going door to door to get special goodies. However, it seems as though the trick-or-treating tradition is becoming more dangerous with each passing year.

Candy laced with drugs or other objects such as razor blades is unfortunately not unheard of. There are sick people in the world that find it amusing to pass out candy bars with the intentions of harming, or killing, children.

The latest incident of dangerous trick-or-treating occurred in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, when a 14-year-old bit into a Snickers bar she received, only to find a razor blade hiding inside.

According to WBNS in Columbus, the Reynoldsburg police confirmed that the candy was collected somewhere between Kingsly Drive and Taylor Road. Reynoldsburg Police Lt. Shane Mauger said a group of teens had been trick-or-treating in the area when they decided to go home and check out what all they had received and divide up the candy. The 14-year-old girl, who has not been identified, found a bite-sized Snickers bar and bit into it, immediately feeling the foreign object.

Thankfully, the girl was not hurt during the incident. An X-ray later confirmed that a razor blade had been placed inside the tiny candy bar. One grandparent, who chose to only be identified as Stephanie, was with the girl when she discovered the razor blade. Stephanie said her grandson had been out with the group earlier that night.

“She bit into one of those little miniature snicker bars and she said well here’s a razor blade. And everybody thought she was kidding,” Stephanie said, adding that she and the other parents at the home thought the girl was joking at first.

“We was like What?! What?! And I had never seen it before. I’ve always heard of it but I have never seen it,” said Stephanie, noting that she was worried that the rest of the children had also received dangerous candy.

As a precautionary measure, the police X-rayed the rest of the victim’s candy, but found nothing suspicious or out of the ordinary. However, the other parents were still concerned with their children’s safety and told them to throw their Halloween candy away.

“The one neighbor told his daughter just throw away your candy. We’ll just buy you some from the store,” Stephanie said.

#TRENDING: Reynoldsburg police say razor blade was found In Halloween candy last night –

— (@10TV) October 30, 2015

Stephanie said she hopes that this incident will make parents take the time to check their kid’s candy before allowing them to eat it.

“Even if you have to break the little bars in half just smash them or throw them away because anybody out there crazy enough to do this to unsuspecting little kids there’s got to be something wrong with them,” she said.

The Reynoldsburg Police Department is currently investigating the incident, according to the Reynoldsburg Dispatch. After talking to the girl, the police said her story is credible, and their is no indication that her story is a hoax as suggested on social media.

“Everything looked credible. It looked to be on the up and up,” said Shane Mauger of the Reynoldsburg Police, adding that it seemed to be an isolated incident.

“What we have right now is an isolated incident,” Mauger added. “Parents should just be vigilant.”

When checking your child’s candy, the police say to look for anything that seems unusual. Some signs to look for include lumps or bulges under the packages, punctures to the wrappers or boxes, candy that isn’t in the original wrapper, candy brands that you have never heard of, and candy that has passed its expiration date.

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