Niall Horan’s Secret Agent Nomination, ‘Unofficial 1D Peacekeeper’

Niall Horan and One Direction played their last show in Sheffield on October 31 — and their exit from their extensive five years of touring is encased in rough talk and rumors. Nevertheless, Niall Horan may turn out to be the One Direction peacekeeper — and future secret agent.

The BBC reported that 1D’s last concert in their On The Road Again tour was met with “cheers and tears.”

Adding to this, the Daily Mail titled their report about Niall Horan and the gents in their final tour show with”They all gave each other a big hug… it was very touching: One Direction pictured backstage before emotional final gig in Sheffield.”

Alternatively, some recent rumors report that things might not be so great for One Direction after all — but Niall Horan is the exception to the rule.

For example, a print-only edition of In Touch sold on October 29 states that the real reason that Niall Horan and 1D did not perform in Belfast, Ireland on October 20 was due to a major falling out between Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne.

Niall Horan may be golfing or it is a cover for him as a secret agent.
Niall Horan is going to spend some time in 2016 golfing -- but he has also been nominated to be a secret agent. (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)

Although this fight between Liam and Louis was later denied — there are a fair amount of alleged insider reports that state that all of the individual members of One Direction don’t seem to get along — except for Niall Horan.

One of the most striking arguments that there is tension in One Direction with everyone but Niall Horan is from The Sun‘s Dan Wootton. In their October 30 report, they gave a thorough review of five years of 1D drama.

When it comes to Niall Horan, they state, “Liam and Louis are the only real friends left in the band. Niall likes everyone as that’s part of his happy-go-lucky persona.”

The Sun also claims that, “Harry would no longer go out with his bandmates to social events, unless hanging out with Irishman Niall [Horan], 1D’s unofficial peacekeeper.”

Niall Horan’s response to these October 30 reports about the rifts between the 1D gents was a tweet that stated, “Don’t believe anything you are reading. We stand strong as a band and we’re brothers. Can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve been working on.”

However, whether there is drama to escape or not, there will be a life after 1D — but Niall Horan’s has been painted as foreboding by The Sun and they state the following.

“While Liam wants time out of the spotlight, Niall is desperate to continue working, but industry insiders doubt whether his singing voice is strong enough to launch a sustainable solo career.”

On the other hand, perhaps Niall Horan will be working in 2016 as a secret agent. As it appears, the Derby Telegraph reports Niall Horan has been nominated to be the next James Bond by former James Bond, Daniel Craig.

Niall Horan may go back to old music goals he had before 1D.
Could Niall Horan be going back to music ambitions he had before 1D took off? (Photo by Niki Nikolova/Getty Images)

Allegedly, Daniel Craig joked with Niall Horan on Twitter in 2013 about playing the role — but in a recent interview, he reconfirmed Niall Horan would be an “absolutely fabulous” James Bond.

Regardless, one thing that Niall Horan has figured out about 2016 is that he is planning on going on a traveling adventure — and he is also making his home country a focus.

The Mirror reports that when Niall Horan spoke with 2FM radio around October 24, he talked about renting an RV or motorhome. Niall Horan also stated the following about his dreams for his break from One Direction starting in March 2016.

“It’ll be the simple things like going home a bit more, seeing everyone I hadn’t seen in awhile. I’d like to do a bit of traveling, the places I haven’t seen properly. I’d love to rent a cottage somewhere in Ireland…”

As far as plans in Ireland, insiders reported to Music News and Heat Magazine around August 1 that Niall Horan wanted to “try out a rockier sound” and stated the following.

“[Niall Horan is] talking about starting a group with some of his mates in Ireland, starting off with little gigs around the country. They’ve already worked on some songs together. He doesn’t really care if it makes any money – he’s able to bankroll it all and just enjoy it.”

[Picture by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]