November 1, 2015
WWE News: WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry Lawler And Girlfriend Involved In Head-On Collision

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler has been with WWE for around two decades now as a color commentator as well as part-time in-ring performer. Almost everyone loves Jerry and what he brings to the table. He and Jim Ross were the voices of the Attitude Era, and might just be the second best announcer team of all time, only behind Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Seriously though, who could compete with them?

Sadly, Jerry is no stranger to random health problems or sudden issues.

According to Ringside News, last night, Lawler and his girlfriend were involved in a head-on collision after coming home from dinner. Lawler's son, Brian, informed a friend, who told the world via Facebook about the news. He wrote that we should pray for Jerry after speaking of the accident.

He then updated us on the situation, claiming that Jerry was said to be fine but his girlfriend, Lauryn, has a banged up knee and swollen face. It seems she got the worst of the collision. Neither injury appears to be life threatening, so they both should make a full recovery from the wreck.

Jerry Lauryn

According to Lauryn, a man ran a red light and hit them head-on. On impact, her knee was injured and when the airbag came out, it hit her in the face causing the swelling she has now. She was quoted in saying, "I think Jerry is Superman...not a scratch or anything....he tried to cover me to save me from the airbag before it deployed." Lawler obviously didn't take any damage from the incident but did all he could to protect his girlfriend.

Head-on collisions have caused several deaths in the United States, so they both escaped what could have been a horrible situation.

This is the second time Lawler escaped what could have been a deadly situation. A few years back, Lawler worked a WWE RAW match and then returned to commentary shortly after. This was nothing new for Lawler, who had done this before. He and Michael Cole were calling the action when Lawler suddenly began to start having issues and snored, which was a sign of something being wrong. Cole then muted the announcer area, and Lawler was helped to the back.

Jerry had a heart attack at the desk, which was speculated to have been caused by a blocked artery. Lawler corrected everyone on this and claimed he had an unexpected cardiac arrest. This was said to have been made worse by his wrestling, as a condition within his body caused it. Dolph Ziggler memorably did several elbows back to back to back on Lawler in the match.

Lawler announcement
via Sports Keeda

Lawler would jokingly call Ziggler's elbows "heart stoppers" when calling the action once he came back to the table. WWE would then make a decision to not allow Jerry to take any bumps with them in the future. He had been wrestling off and on for television with WWE, but on top of this, he wrestled at independent events as well, over 100 days a year.

Jerry was quite active before this, but he was very fortunate to have been with WWE when the incident occurred as he was treated right away, where he may not have been given as much help if at an independent event. While WWE does not allow Jerry to work a match or even take a slight bump anymore, he still wrestles at the Indy events. However, Lawler has cut them back a bit.

As for the recent head-on collision Jerry Lawler and his girlfriend were involved in, with this occurring Sunday, we may very well not see Lawler doing his normal WWE SmackDown commentary. Although due to Jerry being a company guy, he could make it in for the show, just because that is who he is. WWE may very well have offered him the week off, but we shall see come Tuesday if he is at the taping or not.

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