November 1, 2015
Toddler Survives SUV Reversing Over His Head, Video Captures Horrific Moment As Driver Leaves Scene [Video]

A toddler in Silvassa, India is lucky to be alive after a neighbor backed out of a parking space without checking to see if anyone was nearby. Closed Circuit video captured the SUV's front driver's side tire running over the young boy and jerking as it rolled over the boy's head. The driver, unaware of what was hit, paused for a moment before continuing onward to his or her destination.

As horrific as the video is, the young boy is amazingly only injured with a broken leg and is not expected to experience any trauma to his brain. Metro reports that the driver has yet to be identified, but police officials are working diligently to find out the identity and charge the man or woman accordingly.

The toddler was identified as Tejas Jaiswal. He was playing outside near a parking garage, near his parent's home. He was unaware of the reversing sports utility vehicle and continued playing until the front wheel knocked him down and rolled over him. The graphic video was posted on the Daily Mail and shows the horrific moment from beginning to end.

As can be seen in the video, the young boy was knocked down to the ground from a sitting position as the turning tire crushed him beneath, stopping just near his head before rolling over and crashing back down to the pavement. The SUV rocked as it ascended the bump in its path, drawing attention that something was hit by the wheel. The driver was obviously aware of striking something, stopping to gather his or her thoughts before driving off. The driver did not exit the vehicle to survey the object, seemingly careless of whether the object was a toppled garbage can or a small child.

As the helpless child laid on the ground, motionless for a few seconds, the driver backs up far enough for Jaiswal to be in view. Although there is no evidence that the driver actually saw the toddler, the driver does continue onward just as Jaiswal starts to move and sit up.

A woman noticed the hit and run occur and rushed to the boy's side to survey the extent of his injuries and call for help. Her calls for help drew the attention of others who rushed to his aid. Jaiswal was taken to a local hospital for further testing. Miraculously, he suffered only a broken leg from his injuries.

Toddler Survives SUV Crush
[Photo Via Andraz Cerar/Shutterstock]Doctors were baffled how the toddler survived the hit and run. From what they saw in the video, everything looked like he should have been killed by the crushing weight of the SUV. Yet, he was there he was in front of them with only a broken leg to show.

By their estimates, his doctors believe that Jaiswal should be back to his normal self in just a couple of weeks.

"It is a miracle. The boy has no internal injuries but he has a fracture in one leg due to the immense pressure of the car. He should be up and running in a few weeks time."
Although the Metro's report stated that the driver was not yet identified, an update to the story revealed that the driver was found later and the SUV was impounded. However, the driver was not charged for the hit and run. The parents revealed that the driver of the SUV is related to the family and they do not want to officially submit a report to the police.

Police shared that they will file a report on behalf of the child, despite the parent's refusal.

"We have been told that the driver, who ran over the boy, is related to the family and lives in the same neighbourhood so they don't want to press charges. But, it cannot be a personal matter as the small child almost died. It was sheer negligence of the parents and inhumanity of the driver. We are still filing a case against the driver and looking into it."
[Photo via Allison Herreid/Shutterstock]