‘Hello’ Adele, Goodbye Taylor Swift, British Pop Star Beats ‘Bad Blood’ In Vevo Music Video Plays

Adele’s big return after three long years of motherhood and isolation is breaking records. Her new single, “Hello,” unsurprisingly premiered at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but has since found its way atop other charts in the UK and worldwide. Adele’s single has become the best-selling No. 1 single in three years, according to BBC.

Adele’s most impressive accomplishment from, “Hello,” thus far, however, is breaking the Vevo record for most played video, a title for which Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” once wore the crown and before that, Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball, and “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj. So, what is it about the “Hello” video that made it so popular? Well, everything.

Directed by French-Canadian filmmaker Xavier Dolan, Adele’s new song is the first of her upcoming album, 25, which continues her theme from her previous two No. 1 albums, titled 19 and 21. In a seemingly perfect effort to kick off her album, the “Hello” music video depicts Adele in black and white, talking to her younger self about the mistakes of her youth. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Dolan revealed the creation process of “Hello,” which, according to him, involved a lot of Adele’s input. The chart-topping singer’s personal life turned out to be the premise for the highly played music video.

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“We chatted about our lives and our loves and our romances – it was so much about who we were. We had so much in common. Basically, all of her songs are revolving around the theme of unrequited love and so are my movies. We might come from different places and operate on different platforms, but we do share things and I think that was necessary to really connect.”

As a result of its authenticity about relationships and the mistakes that go with them, “Hello” by Adele has been viewed over 75 million times on Vevo. It surpassed Swift’s “Bad Blood” by over 7 million views. The popularity of “Hello” by Adele is only growing, and the music video’s casting, with The Wire star Tristan Wilds, is only the beginning of it. Xavier Dolan goes into more detail about the making of the record breaking Adele music video.

“The shots on IMAX are two shots: mostly the finale on that pond, and there’s the shot of her opening her eyes.”

The director has already gotten many nods for his creative display in Adele’s “Hello,” but the song itself appears to be just as popular. Recently, Greg Kurstin, who famously wrote Kelly Clarkson’s “Heartbeat Song,” and even co-wrote “Dreams” for Beck, explained his vision when co-writing Adele’s “Hello.” Based on his statement, Kurstin is humbled by his newfound fame and the opportunity to write for big names like Adele.

“I’m not going to lie…— it’s not easy to hold that information in for that long.”

With thanks to Kurstin’s writing, Adele’s “Hello” is already a top seller. Reportedly, Adele’s song has sold 165,000 copies in the U.K. in just three days. The song was also downloaded 450,000 times in the United States in a matter of 48 hours. In just a week, Adele has out-done other comebacks like Justin Bieber. Adele’s “Hello” has also beat Drake’s viral “Hotline Bling.” Adele has comeback with a very impressive chart performance, but it is certainly nothing new for the British pop-star. A look at her past performance shows that Adele always has and perhaps always will be a chart-topper.

In 2008, Adele found her place at No. 1 for a while with “Chasing Pavements,” which finally peaked at the No. 2 spot. Her singles, “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep,” from 2011, peaked at Nos. 1 and 2.

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Now, counting on the hype that her comeback has caused, Adele will release her newest album sooner than expected. The latest album from Adele, titled 25, will be released on November 20.

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