Jeffrey And Jeanette Navin: Murdered By Greedy Heir For Their Money? [Video]

Were wealthy couple Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin murdered by their eldest son in a bid to put himself and his girlfriend on easy street? It’s a chilling thought, and there seems to be a mountain of evidence against the deceased couple’s eldest son, 27-year-old Kyle Navin. The New York Times obtained information about the case from the affidavit used to secure an arrest warrant for Kyle’s girlfriend, 31-year-old Jennifer Valiante.

What’s implied is shocking.

Apparently, 56-year-old Jeffrey Navin and his wife, Jeanette, 55, were well aware of their son’s growing drug problem. Rather than enable him, they confided to friends that they intended to sell their lucrative trash collecting business and cut him out of their will. They apparently told their desires to friends mere days before they disappeared. On August 4, Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin vanished.

At around the time Jeffrey and Jeanette went missing, police allege their son, Kyle, had sent incriminating text messages to his girlfriend, seemingly promoting the idea of doing something that would “solve every single problem and give [them] a wealthy amazing life.” Jennifer was open to the idea, replying, “I hear ya. It sounds very good I just don’t know.”

It was a subsequent message that proved particularly interesting to state law enforcement officials.

“Wipe out the infection and get $ for life. It’s [a] perfect plan.”

Whatever Kyle Navin’s plans were, it wasn’t as though his parents — particularly his father — weren’t suspicious. Eyewitness News ABC 7 reports that a series of text messages exchanged between Jeffrey and Kyle had the father suggesting he was”being set up” to appear to have murdered his wife, Jeanette. He asked his son if he’d “harmed” his mother, and said he wouldn’t return to his house until he had proof she was safe.

Authorities later confirmed that a bullet hole in the passenger seat of Kyle Navin’s truck tested positive for the blood of Jeanette Navin. This retroactively proves that Jeffrey had just cause to be suspicious. However, it’s not quite clear what may have happened to him. Authorities searched the suspect’s home and found blood stains that matched both Kyle and his father.

In addition to the above evidence, investigators also claimed to have found a receipt in Kyle Navin’s home, dated the day after Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin disappeared. The suspect purchased “germicidal bleach, drain opener, stain remover and contractor cleanup bags.”

It wasn’t until Thursday that police finally learned what happened to the missing couple. Their bodies had reportedly been found in the yard of a vacant home in Weston, Connecticut. The owner of the property was clearing brush when he happened upon their remains. A coroner report issued on Friday confirmed that it was indeed the Navins.

Police were apparently suspicious of Kyle since about the time the Navins disappeared. It’s said he told them conflicting versions of events. As their investigation intensified, authorities seemed to hone in on the troubled young man exclusively. With so much evidence of foul play, there was little doubt police had found the person behind the disappearance and murder of Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin.

At the time Kyle Navin was formally arrested, he was already in federal custody on a weapons charge. He was charged with two counts of murder and one count of murder with special circumstances. His girlfriend, Jennifer Valiante, later was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and hindering prosecution.

Relatives of the deceased couple have not commented except to ask for privacy during this difficult time.

Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin owned a trash-hauling business called J&J Refuse before their deaths. Jeanette also worked as a school library aide in Weston.

[Image via Easton Police Department Handout]