Kylie Jenner Quickly Changes The Name Of Her ‘Offensive’ Halloween Costume

Kylie Jenner reportedly dressed up as a sexy “Eskimo” this Halloween. The reality star has received some backlash for her costume choice, causing her to change the name of it.

Kylie Jenner, 18, was spotted wearing a white furry ensemble on Friday evening, Oct. 30. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wore a white cleavage-baring fur-trimmed bra with a matching white fur-trimmed hoodie and a white fur-trimmed miniskirt. The popular Jenner teen completed her snow bunny look with white fur boots, a silvery white wig, and glitter makeup.

Kylie Jenner

But it’s not what Kylie wore that sparked an outrage on social media. It’s what the reality star called her costume that received some backlash. Kylie originally took to Instagram to share a video of herself with the caption: “Eskimo.” That prompted several media outlets to claim that Kylie was dressed up as a “sexy Eskimo.”

Stephanie Marcus of the Huffington Post explains why Kylie Jenner’s costume choice is considered offensive.

“On Saturday, Jenner shared a video of herself decked out in her ‘Eskimo’ costume that she wore to a party on Friday night. Never mind the fact that ‘Eskimo’ is generally considered a slur, the Inuit and Alaska Natives are real people, not costumes.”

Kylie quickly changed her caption from “Eskimo” to “Snow Princess,” further confusing both the media and her fans. Some thought that she looked more like a snow bunny, while a report via the Daily Mail called her a “sexy snow queen.”

Even MTV News was confused by Kylie Jenner’s costume choice. Contributor Amanda Bell thought that the famous Instagram model was dressed up as one of Taylor Swift’s friends from her “Bad Blood” music video.

“And, to us, that looks *exactly* like what Lily Aldridge was throwing down as Frostbyte in Tay’s epic vid.”

But it looks like Jenner actually chose a “sexy Eskimo” costume from none other than Trashy Lingerie. The top alone looks similar to Jenner’s and only costs $160, if you’re willing to wear it.

Maybe Kylie should have stuck to her original plans of going as a sexy mermaid for Halloween. According to a previous report via TMZ, the beauty blogger had her eyes on a mermaid costume similar to the one Kim Kardashian wore in 2012. The sexy mermaid costume also comes from Trashy Lingerie and costs a whopping $2,000. The celebrity gossip site also claimed that Kylie planned to show a lot of skin and cleavage.

It was reported around the time that the teen debuted her new platinum blonde look at New York Fashion Week, just like the famous Kardashian sister did earlier this year. Reports wondered if Jenner planned to wear either a blonde wig or her turquoise wig with her rumored mermaid costume, but it looks like she went a different route.

Kylie Jenner
(Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram)

If you do want to look like a sexy snow princess/snow queen/ice queen (whatever Kylie calls herself), then you can do it by wearing lots of glitter on your eyelids, according to a report via Bustle.

You can use Urban Decay’s Bondage Makeup Adhesive loose glitter on your eyes to get that “dramatic effect.” An affordable option is Wet n Wild Beauty’s Color Icon Glitter Single eyeshadow compact, which costs less than $1.

Maybelline’s Color Tattoo Cream Shadow will give you the ice queen look without making you look like a little girl who played with too much glitter. If you want something pastel and pretty, then you could try Sigma Beauty Loose Shimmer & Glitter Set, which will set you back $30.

There are numerous video tutorials on YouTube that will help you get that perfect snow queen look.

What are your thoughts on Kylie Jenner’s sexy snow queen costume? Did you find it offensive when she referred to herself as a sexy “Eskimo”? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]