Florida Woman Set on Fire

A Florida woman was set on fire when domestic violence turned deadly in Boynton Beach as an estranged couple met for a child visitation transfer. Roosevelt Mondesir was arrested during the early morning hours at a gas station after chasing the mother of his toddler son with a knife, dousing her with gasoline and setting her on fire, according to KRIS-TV.

Naomie Breton had traveled to the gas station at approximately 3 am in a Mercedes to comply with the time-sharing custody agreement of her 4-year-old son, the Daily Mail reports. The child’s father arrived at the 7-Eleven in a Jaguar without the boy in the car, according to the Gant Daily

Local law enforcement officers responded to an emergency call at and found Breton laying near the front door of the gas station with severe burns on her face and body. Potions of the victim’s clothing were still ablaze on the nearby ground. The entire attack was caught on the gas station surveillance tape, depicting the graphic violence as the Florida woman ran for her life. Breton attempted to hold the door to the gas station closed as the father of her child yanked on the handle, pulled her outside and ignited the gasoline which covered the majority of her body.

According to statements from neighbors published by KRIS-TV, the victim had lived with Mondesir until recently. Neighbor Kimberly Perez told the local news station that Mondesir had always been friendly and seemed fine earlier in the day before the attack. Breton had requested a protective order in May after Mondesir allegedly threw her belongings from their shared home and cut up furniture. Police officers have been called to the home for domestic violence multiple times, according to KRIS-TV.

Police officers arrested Mondesir several hours later hiding in some bushes. Breton is expected to survive being set on fire and is currently receiving care at the Delary Medical Center.