Halloween Pumpkins And Pumpkin Seeds: What To Do With Them After They’re Carved

Decorating Halloween pumpkins is a great way to spend time with your family each holiday. However, it isn’t uncommon that as soon as Halloween ends, people are unsure what to do with their pumpkins. While pumpkins continue to be seasonal throughout fall, and particularly Thanksgiving, the spooky, carved faces lose their appeal, and carved pumpkins quickly decay. There are several no-carve methods that may be used that will allow you to maximize the use of your pumpkins and keep them as part of your decor well into November. For those who are unsure what to do with pumpkins, there are many uses for pumpkin seeds that help you derive the most use. You can also plant carved pumpkins and watch as they sprout in time for the next Halloween season. Planning how long you hope to display Halloween pumpkins and considering their use before you begin to carve will help you get the most benefit from your pumpkins.

Roasting pumpkin seeds is a great use for Halloween pumpkins. You can roast them simply by spreading them on a lightly oiled cookie sheet in an oven set at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Use your favorite herbs and spices to give them your preferred flavor. Stir pumpkin seeds approximately every five to 10 minutes to ensure they don’t stick or burn and are thoroughly coated. Many people readily agree that one of the best aspects of Halloween pumpkins is roasted pumpkin seeds. Pumpkins are full of nutrients and vitamins, and not only are pumpkin seeds delicious, but they are also a healthy and nutritious snack. Roasting seeds from your Halloween pumpkins is a great way to encourage your kids to choose healthy snacks in the midst of all the candy treats. Roasted pumpkin seeds may be eaten plain or added to other pumpkin recipes.

When considering what to do with Halloween pumpkins, try thinking of ideas that are geared not only for Halloween, but for fall in general. You can easily display a pumpkin that has been painted, decorated, or adored with gems, lace, or other materials from Halloween until Thanksgiving. While carved Halloween pumpkins won’t last that long, a ripe pumpkin that hasn’t been carved can. For example, a pumpkin that hasn’t been carved can be used for food, soups, puree, and more. Good Housekeeping has a pumpkin puree recipe on their site. The University of Illinois has an extensive site focusing on pumpkins and their many health benefits.

You can find many tips, tricks and ideas for painting and decorating Halloween pumpkins in the videos below. No-carve pumpkins are just as festive and beautiful and will last much longer than those that have been carved. Check out Midwest Living’s slideshow “45 Pumpkin Projects for Fall.”

Pumpkins make a great addition to the home in fall. They are not limited solely to Halloween, but look splendid well into Thanksgiving. Consider decorating with pumpkins in both the interior and exterior of your home for a complete look. While jack-o-lanterns are the traditional Halloween decor feature, you can decorate with pumpkins in your home, yard, and garden for a spectacular look. You don’t need to take extra time to decorate your outdoor pumpkins either. They will make a beautiful addition to your exterior decor in their natural, unaltered state. There are many creative uses and ideas for pumpkins. Those who have Halloween pumpkins at home but have yet to discover all of the stylish ways they may be displayed may be in for a treat. When it comes to decorating with Halloween pumpkins, there is no style or idea that is off limits. You can choose to incorporate any ideas you find that will complement your home while remaining complimentary to your preferred decor. Halloween pumpkins are a wonderful way to add beauty and elegance to your home.

Check out these videos below about Halloween pumpkins.

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