Wrestling Promoter Alleges TNA Star Is ‘Taking Advantage Of Promoters All Over The Place’

On a special edition of Dobashi’s Radio Takedown, veteran independent wrestler Diafullah Dobashi welcomed Danny Warren of the Canadian promotion Canadian Wrestling’s Elite who discussed his ongoing issues with TNA wrestler Tyrus. Tyrus, who formerly wrestled in WWE as Brodus Clay, was accused by CWE of collecting and keeping a payment from the company despite the fact that he did not work any scheduled appearances for their tour.

As reported by WrestlingINC and other outlets earlier this week, CWE promoter Danny Warren — who also wrestles as “Hotshot” Danny Duggan — publicly blasted Tyrus over a dispute that began in late summer when Tyrus pulled out of the above-noted tour despite having guaranteed Warren that he would be able to follow through. He said that Tyrus notified CWE that he couldn’t make the dates at the eleventh hour, advising that he was needed to work shows in Japan for TNA.

Warren initially laid out the controversy in detail on CWE’s official site in an article entitled “Booker Beware: Brodus Clay/Tyrus.” In the piece, Warren alleges that Tyrus gave little notice when cancelling the dates after a lengthy period of time in which he did not respond to Warren’s calls and texts.

tyrus brodus clay
Tyrus focuses intently on Layla El when both wrestlers still worked for corporate behemoth WWE. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for WWE)

“Our tour was in full promotional swing with [Tyrus] as the featured attraction on all radio, newspaper, and promotional print with there being very little time to cost effectively or effectively in general reach the masses with the change, never mind the added cost of having to book someone else last minute. As much as it is a financial inconvenience, that’s the gamble you take promoting wrestling.”

In addition to the inconvenience of the matter and the financial hardships that Warren says he incurred while arranging for a last-minute substitution for Tyrus, he also noted that he failed to provide a refund to CWE for the $250 deposit he received when his appearances were booked. Warren said he contacted TNA executive Bob Ryder and Tyrus’s agent for assistance but neither person could intervene to the point that the wrestler star would return the money.

tyrus brodus clay
Scooby Doo should probably investigate what happened to the WWE careers of AJ Lee and Brodus Clay shortly after this photo was snapped back in 2014. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

On Dobashi’s podcast, Danny Warren noted that Tyrus ultimately returned the money but only did so after he went public with the issue.

“I felt it was necessary to kind of put [Tyrus] on blast and say, ‘Hey, this guy is going to steal your money. There’s better guys who are out there—that are available. Don’t take a chance on him. I sent that out at 5:42 pm. His agent then e-mailed me the money back that day at 6:40 pm. So I guess he caught wind of what was happening. The money was sent back. It was rectified.”

Warren told Dobashi that Tyrus “spun” the event via social media and leveled accusations that CWE has stiffed wrestlers in the past and falsely promoted Tyrus for shows in Canada. Indeed, WrestlingINC posted some of the comments Tyrus made via Reddit. For his part, the promoter refuted these allegations. He also noted that other promoters have contacted him alleging that they have experienced comparable incidents with Tyrus.

“I have had four or five different promoters now from throughout Canada and the United States message me telling me they have had the exact same problem with [Tyrus]. So this is something that he’s pulling on promoters across the continent … The reality is, anybody that takes the chance to check the facts … It’s black and white that he was in the wrong here and he is taking advantage of promoters all over the place.”

Dobashi indicated that he has reached out to Tyrus to offer him the opportunity to discuss the dust-up with CWE on Radio Takedown. The host also extended an invitation to TNA officials in the event that they have any relevant contributions to the discussion.

[Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Sarasota Film Festival]